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Today is World Heritage Day. There are 30 World Heritage sites in India, and 981 in the whole world. Can anybody visit them in one life? Yes, I know of a person who visits only Heritage sites and he’s been doing it for last 6 years! Slowly, one by one.
While I am not fortunate enough to be like him, I am contended with my own pace. When I look at the pictures of the sites I’ve visited, I feel quite happy.

Today I share pictures of few of the Heritage sites visited by me. I have many more but then this post will be very long. :)

Rice terraces Batad @lemonicks.com

Rice terraces of Batad, Philippines (more…)

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Yesterday I was invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand to celebrate the Songkran festival with them, ahead of its time. The venue was San-Qi, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. Songkran is the New Year festival of Thailand celebrated in mid April.

songkran food @lemonicks.com

Thai cuisine has become a (more…)

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A walk down the Krupowki Street

Krupowki Street @lemonicks.com

Gingerly I walk on the road, making my way through (more…)

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What do you do?”
I travel.
Oh, nice meeting you. I eat & I drink.” said a food & wine critic.

That’s how our conversation started yesterday. We were at the press conference “Visit Malaysia 2014” by Malaysia Tourism. Malaysia is celebrating its 4th Visit Malaysia year. This is the biggest & grandest ever tourism celebration with more than 200 events lined up to welcome the world by Malaysia.

malaysian couples @lemonicks.com

Malaysian couples in traditional costumes

To me, Malaysia is (more…)

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A Wooden Mug

More than fond memories of a place, some souvenirs show us the character of that place. They tell us history, culture and much more about the place. This wooden mug from Philippines is one such souvenir.

wooden mug @lemonicks.com

A beautiful handmade wooden Mug.

When we stopped at a house in a village while (more…)

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Celebrating Women’s Day

Shall I say “Happy Women’s Day” ?

So many people speak about Women’s day. Parties, shopping, discounts, dinners… all inviting us.
Is that all?
women's day @lemonicks.com

The beautiful expressive Indian classical dancer.

Today I want to mention about a girl Arunima Sinha who was a volleyball player at national level. When travelling in a night train, she resisted some chain snatchers who had boarded the train at the dead of night. While others obliged, she refused to give her gold chain to them.
She was (more…)

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Kraków chairs square or Kraków Ghetto

We had just reached our hotel in Krakow, the second largest city of Poland. Sun had just set and it was cold and I was shivering and it was not just because of the sub-zero temperature. On way to our hotel our bus passed through an area called village Kazimierz. From the distance I could see several chairs, and I was reminded of the broken chair memorial in Geneva, just outside UNO. I made a mental note that this may be to depict something similar.

When the story unfolded, it was absolutely terrifying and I had goose pimples right till next morning.
krakow chairs @lemonicks.com

Gloomy scene of a sad story

Nobody (more…)

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