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Love is in the air! This statement can’t be more true anywhere else than here.


I love you
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The local villagers were talking about a forest on a hill where birds refused to fly near and if they did, they would end up dead. The locals had declared it as eerie and mysterious forest. This was in 1837. These stories prompted a German botanist Dr Franz W. Junghuhn to investigate, and in turn, he discovered Kawah Putih.

kawah putih 01

Kawah (water) Putih (white) which (more…)

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“Top of Hong Kong” screamed a flyer. “The Ultimate Hong Kong Experience” said another. “The highest 360 degrees viewing terrace in Hong Kong” articulated a third one.

Only this morning we arrived in Hong Kong by the high speed catamaran from Macau. We just got down to unpacking and planning for the day, in our hotel, in the far off New Territories of Hong Kong.

Several of these buildings are over 200+ meters.


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I don’t think I need to say anything about this day. I let the pictures say it. They are from travels across the world.

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Let me confess. I knew nothing of Bandung; not even the name. To me and to most of us tourists, Indonesia means only Bali and Jakarta. I had read and heard so much about only these two cities that, in a way, they had become synonymic with Indonesia. We don’t think beyond that.


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It was joy, it was fun, it was music, it was dance! Such was the mood at Asian African Carnival 2015 which I attended in Bandung, Indonesia!!


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‘Beware of falling people’ says the sign as we come out of the high speed elevator at 58th floor, Observation deck of the Macau Tower, in 60 seconds flat. Now, I have seen signboards warning us of falling rocks, landslide while trekking or falling objects or debris in a construction site. I was not much surprised when I once saw beware of falling coconuts. This is new. While I try to reason in my mind, I hear a blood curdling scream and see a girl falling! My heart miss a few beats.


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