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I was invited by Thailand Tourism board to a press conference held at hotel Palladium. It was not a simple press conference but a total Thai experience, if I may say so. Floating market, fruit art, Thai massage, Thai boxing and of course Thai food and Thai sweets & candies. :)
Her Excellency Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, minister for Tourism & Sports, Thailand spoke in length about how they are planning to promote Thainess this year.



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I am in a workshop in Artist’s colony at old Jaffa and in front of me is an 8th generation silversmith from a Yemenite Jewish family, deeply engrossed in creating a masterpiece from sterling silver. Holding the delicate tools his hands work on a fine piece of jewelry.
That’s Ben Zion David. His handmade ethnic traditional Yemenite filigree jewelry and Judaica has loads of history to it.

Yemenite Art in Israel

Although making jewelry (more…)

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In earlier days when there was no plastic or probably metal too, they didn’t have any means to store water, especially rain water. So they made large jars from clay. Since Dragon played an important role in their lives, they made the trademark dragon figures on the jars. Hence the name Dragon Earthen Water Jars.

Ratchaburi ceramic factory

Ratchaburi in Thailand was the (more…)

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Few years back while searching something on the internet I came across an interesting picture. There were some half buried cars in that photo. Tried to find more about it and I realized it was part of a museum! So excited I was that I immediately wanted to go and touch them when I didn’t even know which part of the world the museum was located.

Block museum Taichung

And then the (more…)

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Oh Ah .. here, here… this side…

Have you ever got a Thai massage done? And told the masseur about your pains and stiffness? And then she or he used a warm aromatic bindle (पोटली) or pack to soothe your muscles? Have you ever wondered what does that cloth bindle contain?
Well, I did.

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On my recent rustic tour of (more…)

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The common man has left us. For over half a century, we have been waking up to him. And the cartoonist, RK Laxman who created the iconic comic strip died yesterday due to multi organ failure at the age of 94.

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Discover Thainess in Pictures.

At the grand inauguration of Discover Thainess 2015, there were moments when I was awestruck, when I was smiling, when I was curious and when I was speechless. I tried to capture such moments and some faces for you all.

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Thinking or praying? (more…)

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