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Yahoo featured me as a Fab & Fearless girl.

One fine day I was approached by Yahoo. They said they wanted to shoot me. Not with a gun, but the video kind. :D

After initial reluctance, I agreed.

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Hua Hin Railway Station
If you ever want to see a working railway station which is also historic, mark Hua Hin Railway Station in your list. Beautifully designed with red and white as main colors, the brightly painted wooden structure of Hua Hin Railway station make it very striking. It looks as beautiful at night as it looks in daytime. We visited it at night.

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Gold Tower or Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold)

Before it finally says bye for the day, the setting Sun makes sure that the river water turns golden. Its reflecting golden rays are doing magic to it. Looks like thousands of gold fishes make a bed just beneath the water surface. The river water is calm and I see a few racing boats paddling rigorously and a cruising ship. Not very far from the tower, San Telmo Palace is glowing to its glory.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The word ‘grand’ in ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’, is not just a word, it tells us how grand the mosque really is! Everything is larger than life in this mosque of size of five football fields. Only natural materials have been used in the mosque such as marble, crystal ceramics, semi-precious stones, mother of pearl and even gold. As I enter the mosque, I am blinded by the sheer white of the 82 domes.

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Tapas, the Free Food

I am sitting at a small restaurant in Granada. In front of me is a glass of Moscatel, a local non-alcoholic drink and a plate of Tapas (or small snack). I’ve paid only for the drink, this Tapas has come free.

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Automobile Museum in Málaga where the car is a work of art.

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Mumal & Mahendra – An Immortal Rajput love story

I am at the top of a small hillock where once was a Medhi (small palace) belonging to a girl called Mumal or Momal who was from Lodhruva, Jaisalmer. A broken wall, small platform and a single window are the only remains of this monument which was earlier named as Kak Mahal. Below I can see a dry river bed, where, once upon a time gushed in full swing, a river by the name of Kak.

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Mumal’s Medhi.

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