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Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.” – Brillat-Savarin

Vasu’s purpose of visiting Macau might be different but I knew what I was going to do there! Eat loads of Egg Tarts !! I had heard so much about them that I was wondering what kind of taste could make people rave about it with much gusto.

Andrew Stow, an English pharmacist, came to Macau during Portuguese stint. He had a flair for cooking and so worked in Hyatt’s Alfonso Restaurant (then Macau’s leading Portuguese restaurant of the day). The locals called him ‘Lord Stow’ since he was ‘lording it’ over them. :D


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Summer has come and it’s time to indulge in some water activities. Thailand is celebrating Songkran festival this month. Yay!!
Bor sang umbrella @lemonicks.com

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I was in Hong Kong four times in last four months! Can you beat that? But that’s not enough. I seriously think that I should make a couple of visits more there. :D


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We all know that yoga practice has become an international language but when I went to Israel, I didn’t know Yoga would be so popular in the country. To my surprise, Israel has become one of the largest centers of Yoga asana practices in the world.


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Vasu here:-
We flip through the SPA catalog in our room lazily trying to understand what is what.

We are not regular spa goers. Last I had a massage was some 20 years back at a fitness centre by a 6+ feet , 200+ pounds masseur in Delhi, who was tossing me about like a salad and raining well directed blows (according to him to improve circulation), suddenly jerking my neck in this direction and that and in general made me empathize with a grain of wheat in a mill. I don’t want to even be reminded of the gore that spewed after (Of course, I am exaggerating :) , as you can see I have lived to tell the tale). Nisha has nicer experiences.


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Macau was in our wish list since last few years but we could make it only now. No regrets; the least we can say is, we enjoyed it to the hilt. We realized what we knew about the place was so little. Macau is not a one day affair. It has so much more to offer. Heritage, history, food, culture, and what not. We explored a good deal of Macau. During our exploration, we came across some interesting things and facts about this small country.


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A favorite book is like a treasured friend. It entertains you, it offers you guidance, it touches you, and it’s there when you need it. More importantly, it leaves you with deep rooted thoughts and ponderings. The kind of books I read are of different genres and areas but they have all left a mark on me.
I will speak about five of my favourite books.

One confession here. I do not read romantic novels, but prefer to read real dramatic stories. Surprisingly, all of these books have taught me about the places they are set in.

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