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Yahoo featured me as a Fab & Fearless girl.

One fine day I was approached by Yahoo. They said they wanted to shoot me. Not with a gun, but the video kind. :D

After initial reluctance, I agreed.

self @lemonicks.com

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Automobile Museum in Málaga where the car is a work of art.

automobile museum malaga @lemonicks.com

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Mumal & Mahendra – An Immortal Rajput love story

I am at the top of a small hillock where once was a Medhi (small palace) belonging to a girl called Mumal or Momal who was from Lodhruva, Jaisalmer. A broken wall, small platform and a single window are the only remains of this monument which was earlier named as Kak Mahal. Below I can see a dry river bed, where, once upon a time gushed in full swing, a river by the name of Kak.

mumal ki medhi lodhurva @lemonicks.com

Mumal’s Medhi.

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Kuang Im Chapel, River Kwai in pictures

When I was crossing the bridge on the River Kwai (no, not the movie), I saw a beautiful temple at its bank. Curiosity made me walk up to it, only to find the gates closed.

Kuang Im Chapel @lemonicks.com

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Meeting a Twitter Follower in a remote village!
How does that sound?

They say the world is small and how true it is!

It so happened that we were visiting Lodhruva Jain temple on a temple trail around Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on a very hot lazy noon. As we walked out of our cars, I saw temple on my left hand side and on right side were some people sitting casually on two stone benches.

jaisalmer jain mandir @lemonicks.com

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If you are regular at my Facebook page, you would know that I was invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand to be a part of International Mega Convention held in Bangkok on 25th July, 2014. It was a weeklong trip with some sightseeing before the convention.

First things first, I’ll speak about the convention here, which was the main objective of this visit. Rest of the articles will follow later.
I have attended several international media events before, and have represented India. So, I was looking forward to see how different this one was.

To say in one sentence, the entire program was short and simple… crisp and to the point. The way I would have liked it.
bangkok mega convention @lemonicks.com

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Top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi
As I mentioned earlier, there are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag of ‘largest’, ‘fastest’ etc.
May I add ‘weirdest’ and ‘smartest’ as well? In my opinion, Abu Dhabi is the hub of strange and interesting buildings.
Have a look.

1. Al-Bahr Twin Towers -
abu dhabi pineapple building @lemonicks.com

Pineapple anyone? :P (more…)

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