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Top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi
As I mentioned earlier, there are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag of ‘largest’, ‘fastest’ etc.
May I add ‘weirdest’ and ‘smartest’ as well? In my opinion, Abu Dhabi is the hub of strange and interesting buildings.
Have a look.

1. Al-Bahr Twin Towers -
abu dhabi pineapple building @lemonicks.com

Pineapple anyone? :P (more…)

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Yahoo featured me as a Fab & Fearless girl.

One fine day I was approached by Yahoo. They said they wanted to shoot me. Not with a gun, but the video kind. :D

After initial reluctance, I agreed.

self @lemonicks.com

Here (more…)

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Meeting the Mayor in Lebrija and appearing in local TV
I love to visit smaller places that are not very far from a city yet far enough to have its own calm and charm. Ideally located to suit all tastes in holidays Lebrija is one such pretty town only 75 KMs from Seville in the lower basin of the Guadalquivir River. Just relax and take in the traditional Spanish way of life or pay a day’s visit, you’ll remember it for long.

lebrija spain @lemonicks.com

The Mayor’s office building. (more…)

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When I visited Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, I was not sure what I would like about it. After all, hospitals are not the place I want to visit in my life. However, this hospital became the highlight of my trip!

abu dhabi falcon hospital @lemonicks.com

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

Do you believe if I say (more…)

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The Abu Dhabi trip came as a surprise to me. To talk of modern technology, I was contacted through Whatsapp since I was traveling. I asked a few questions and only when I confirmed my participation, they sent me a formal invite. :-)

Coming to the trip, it was beyond my expectation. It was my first visit to Abu Dhabi, so I was looking forward to see the gem of desert. And it surprised me no end!

abu dhabi grand mosque @lemonicks.com

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

There are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag (more…)

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It is late afternoon and the sun is killing, despite a strong Mediterranean breeze, as we walked the couple of hundred metres from our hotel to the railway station Jaffa (yafo in Hebrew). Yes, Jaffa also has a railway station (Ha Tachana), which is however defunct now. Frankly, I didn’t have an inkling about this railway station until now. I do not read about the places before visiting them and let them surprise me. So, this is a nice surprise. :)

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In its heyday the (more…)

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Spanish Gypsy Palm Readers in Andalucia
When we visited Sevilla, there were a few gypsies around the tourist spots such as cathedral area and Plaza de Espana. One of them noticed me, moved towards me in short and fast steps, and then she offered me a bunch of leaves and said something in Spanish. Before I could even react, my guide told me not to accept and gestured me to move away.

gypsy palm reader andalucia @lemonicks.com

Be careful, she could dupe you!!

The woman in question is (more…)

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