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We are running a bit late … hurriedly making our way to the main road from our hotel. The sun has almost set and it has started to become cold. The evening breeze is not so gentle, in fact it’s not a breeze at all. We can call it wind … strong wind. My hair is restless, probably trying to fight a losing battle with the wind. I adjust my muffler around my neck and hands go in my jacket’s pocket.


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When I spent around a week in Abu Dhabi, I explored a lot of the city, its many islands and the oasis city of Al Ain.


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It was late afternoon by the time we reached this small town of Tiberias situated on the western coast of the Sea of Galilee, in a region called Lower Galilee in Israel. Well the Sea is not really a sea but a lake. The sky was clear and sunny. Town maybe small but it has a huge relevance to the 3 major mono-theistic religions of the world.


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A lot of people visit Taiwan only for Taipei 101. It is an extremely popular tourist attraction. That, plus entry ticket of NT$1000 (Approx. INR 2000); the budget traveler in me had almost decided against visiting it. In the end better sense prevailed and I took a metro to Taipei 101. I can never regret visiting it. I am yet to write about the place but here is something else about it.


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The travel guides describe Croatia as ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’. That’s true, they are, but these words just don’t do the country justice. Croatia is so much more than that.

Croatia has been in my list for long. Looking at pictures online or in brochures really isn’t enough to appreciate the tranquil feeling you get from being in the area. Take your camera but don’t spend the day behind the lens.


It’s difficult to

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We were just finishing our breakfast when the team leader announced that we should quickly assemble for a briefing for the drive! Yes. We had been invited for a foretaste of Ford’s newest B segment compact sedan, Aspire!

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From St Dominic Church we took a right turn and another in the narrow streets. The big shops gave way to smaller shops and we were marveling at the fact that there so many Gold Jewelry shops. The street went uphill and so did we!

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