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A favorite book is like a treasured friend. It entertains you, it offers you guidance, it touches you, and it’s there when you need it. More importantly, it leaves you with deep rooted thoughts and ponderings. The kind of books I read are of different genres and areas but they have all left a mark on me.
I will speak about five of my favourite books.

One confession here. I do not read romantic novels, but prefer to read real dramatic stories. Surprisingly, all of these books have taught me about the places they are set in.

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By Vasu:-
What do you do when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere? Well not exactly nowhere, we knew where we were, but that did not help.
I was living in Plano for the last few weeks and it was normal for us guys from India to impose ourselves on the generosity of the friends already in the US especially when we had to be driven around and why not!

So here we are driving along at a brisk pace, there was some traffic but all moving fast. My colleague and I are discussing some aspects of the project we were working on. In due course our conversation is more animated that we almost miss hearing a splutter and another and another and ….. Ooops.

The car stops. Luckily we are not on freeways, tollways, parkways or any of those special American ways, which could have made the matter worse.. We look at each other and at the fuel indicator showing E. We burst out laughing and that was good because in another 60 minutes we have to be in an important meeting and it is not going to help being frustrated and in bad mood.

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We push the car to (more…)

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The other day one of my friends , who is also a nature photographer, called me and said that he was coming to Mumbai for the first time and wanted to know about budget hotels in Mumbai or maybe 3 star hotels in Mumbai and also if opportunities existed for nature photography!

SGNP DSC_4925edRS_ed

The first imagery that one (more…)

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Some of you have already met him.
My partner in crime, partner in real life and partner in many things that you don’t know. Down to earth and a very simple person at heart, he has been my backbone & a strong support, and this support also includes financing many of my solo trips. :D


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Through time, the way we treat each other has brought about what is known to the world as our national identity. This could be as meticulous or simple as in the way we greet each other.


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When I visited Baan Pinsuwan Benjarong, a home-industry producing exquisite hand-painted ceramics, I didn’t know it would be so much fun.


First we (more…)

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I was invited by Thailand Tourism board to a press conference held at hotel Palladium. It was not a simple press conference but a total Thai experience, if I may say so. Floating market, fruit art, Thai massage, Thai boxing and of course Thai food and Thai sweets & candies. :)
Her Excellency Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, minister for Tourism & Sports, Thailand spoke in length about how they are planning to promote Thainess this year.



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