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Yahoo featured me as a Fab & Fearless girl.

One fine day I was approached by Yahoo. They said they wanted to shoot me. Not with a gun, but the video kind. :D

After initial reluctance, I agreed.

self @lemonicks.com

Here is the link of the video for you.

Thus yours truly becomes the only Travel blogger from India to have this honor !

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I had seen pictures & videos of this scooter kind of snow vehicle but to be honest, I wasn’t even sure of the name! So when I was told that we are going to drive snow mobiles, I was a bit apprehensive. Not that I don’t love adventure sports; Scuba diving, Bungee jumping, Parasailing, Rappelling, Segways.. I have done them all. But this? I cheered myself that there is always a first time for everything.

snow mobile in zakopane @lemonicks.com

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I stand near a river bridge, on the famous river Ebro by which the town Zaragosa is situated. The river is the longest in the country. The weather is sunny and breezy. The two sculptures of lions on the pillars of the bridge stand guard. As I wait for a taxi which will take me to the exhibition site of the new town of Zaragosa on the other side of the bridge, I see a horse sculpture.

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Famous for its weird and wonderful natural rock formations and unique historical heritage, Cappadocia is a must do place in Turkey besides Istanbul. This is a place where you can let your imaginations run wild with the rock formations.

cappadocia turkey lemonicks.com

A Camel rock!! A rock in the shape of a camel. :) (more…)

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When a military coup seized control of Thailand’s government in May 2014, worried travelers cancelled their vacation plans. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the tourism plummeted by about 20 %. “Should I or shouldn’t I” was the dilemma.
If you are still confusing over this question with some inconsistent information about travelling to Thailand, then below are some facts & reasons which will ease your decision making for Land of Smiles. :)

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Do you play with Instagram?
I do. Sometimes.
Why sometimes? Because when I enjoy a place I forget about clicking pictures, let alone sharing them, instantly then and there. :)
Nonetheless, here are a few pictures that I had managed to Instagram when I was in Abu Dhabi. Presenting you the story of Abu Dhabi in Instagram.
On that note, here is my Instagram account. You may love to follow it for these glimpses from across the world.

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Hua Hin Railway Station
If you ever want to see a working railway station which is also historic, mark Hua Hin Railway Station in your list. Beautifully designed with red and white as main colors, the brightly painted wooden structure of Hua Hin Railway station make it very striking. It looks as beautiful at night as it looks in daytime. We visited it at night.

hua hin station @lemonicks.com

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Gold Tower or Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold)

Before it finally says bye for the day, the setting Sun makes sure that the river water turns golden. Its reflecting golden rays are doing magic to it. Looks like thousands of gold fishes make a bed just beneath the water surface. The river water is calm and I see a few racing boats paddling rigorously and a cruising ship. Not very far from the tower, San Telmo Palace is glowing to its glory.

Seville at night lemonicks.com

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