Creating Monsoon Magic in Binsar

For us it’s always been a great attraction to head for the hills during monsoons. We are drawn towards the emerald covered mountains like honeybees towards flowers. It’s our affair with the hills. So when an opportunity presented itself to go to Binsar, UK (UttaraKhand), we could not resist.

chasing monsoon

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Flying business class with Singapore Airlines

It was not the first time I was flying business class. It was not my first time with Singapore Airlines either. But the combination was. And I was looking forward to it. 🙂

As long as I remember, the first time I flew Singapore Airlines was sixteen years back in the year 2000 from Sydney to Mumbai via Singapore. Since then I have been a great fan of them. There are more memories to that journey to be told later; here I will tell you how this reunion was with the airlines.

business class singapore airlines
Look! I have been carrying that cute passport
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From 0 to 5300 in 60

…or should I say “40 to -8”?

Well, here I am with a mandate “under duress” by Nisha to give “lots and lots of stories” for 🙂 She opines that now that I am back from the enjoyable trip and rested enough (an understatement as it is more than 2 months since I returned ), I must start writing or else(!). The portentous “else” did the trick, although I have no clue as to what that “else” meant. I think if there ever was a veiled threat, this was it and I was not going to find out, what. … Read the rest

TraveLibro – One stop shop for travel

TraveLibro – One stop shop for travel

Times have changed. Earlier when I was only traveling and not documenting anything about my travels, I had to rummage through my photo albums and break my head to remember the vital information if I wanted to revisit the place or someone asked me anything about it. Which bus, which hotel, what to do, main attraction and all. All too often I would sheepishly draw a blank when I faced these queries.

batad philippines

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