Five favourite cities – Guest post exchange

Day 16th is the guest post day for Blogathon. The participants are encouraged to exchange posts with another participant.
I am glad to introduce a friend Anjuli as a guest writer on this site. It is because of her that I joined this crazy Blogathon ! If I am not able to complete the run, she is to be blamed. 😛 And if I complete, she gets full credit. She is the one whose words encourage me no end to take that extra step in whatever I do.
I am ‘trying’ to enjoy it, grumbling every night to write a … Read the rest

Apam Balik

Apam Balik – Malaysian Street Food
After seeing Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang islands, we were walking down towards Penang hills. On our way we saw a man preparing something which caught my fancy. The aroma was so good and tickled my olfactory senses that I immediately wanted to have it without even knowing how it would taste!

Appam Balik

I watched the man make it step by step.

I have … Read the rest

Overhearing !

Overhearing happens quite easily without our knowledge. While traveling in Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi I happened to overhear the following conversation. Yup.
Now don’t preach about it being a bad habit but then what can you do since they were sitting right in front of you ?

Two Gujarati men discussing Indian economy. Actually only one. The other one was patiently lending him an ear.

1st person – Indian currency kachro che. FD mein bhi nahi daal sakte, only nationalized banks.
Mannu bechara accountant tha, usko gaddi pe baitha diya. Wo kya jaane politics.

Note:– Later … Read the rest

What is a travel book?

Sometime back I wrote about a few travel books that I own. Discussions which started on that article, Facebook and otherwise have led to this post.

What, in your opinion, is a travel book?

Is it something like Lonely Planet which guides you where to stay, what to see, what to eat etc. so that your stay at a place becomes comfortable?

Is it a book that inspires you to travel and see the world?

Or a travel book consists of a travelogue where author relives his or her experiences of a place or journey and what s/he went through?… Read the rest

Haiku day

Today is Haiku day at Blogathon.

Though I was very enthusiastic to have a Haiku on my site, it would have been a mess if I tried to write it. So, I invited a few participants to write for me and Rashida agreed to do so.

This is what she sent me

Writing is my heart.
Where would I be without it?
True love is writing.

Let me know … Read the rest