When I painted my own Ceramic

When I painted my own Ceramic

When I visited Baan Pinsuwan Benjarong, a home-industry producing exquisite hand-painted ceramics, I didn’t know it would be so much fun.

ceramic painting thailand

First we visited the factory about which I’ll write later in a separate post.

In the factory, we saw and learnt the basics of ceramic painting. Skillful artists were transferring traditional designs onto the ceramic pieces. In the beginning, it looked very easy but when I was told that the artists practice for months and years to be able to paint these ceramics, I was more observant.

ceramic painting thailand

Benjarong ware is a kind of painted porcelain in Thailand. The name Benjarong has come from Bali and Sanskrit words Benja and Rong, literally meaning “Five Colors”.
The artists use five main colors (Blue, red, yellow, black and white) and then mix them to get more colors. Generally it takes about five days to design and color a piece.

ceramic painting benjarong

ceramic painting thailand

Colors and the sample piece on my table.

ceramic painting thailand
Of course we didn’t have that much time to do complete ceramic painting. We were given pieces with outlines done & we had just 15 minutes to finish our products.

ceramic painting thailand

As the color is heavy, it settles down to the bottom of the bowl. You need to mix it well before dipping the brush.

ceramic painting thailand

Halfway through. Comparing the pieces. Until the piece is baked in charcoal ovens, the colors look very dull.

ceramic painting thailand

The factory people were kind enough to burn the pieces in the kiln & send them over to our hotel the next day. How did they know which piece belonged to me? Well, I had painted my name at the back! 😀

ceramic painting thailand

And my finished product with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Have you painted a ceramic?

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32 thoughts on “When I painted my own Ceramic

  1. You always come up with such interesting posts & pics that it’s difficult to wait.

    Why very few posts these days?

  2. Your painting is just awesome, specially the last one which contains beautiful small butterflies which make me happy.

  3. Kunal,
    Thank you very much. I think I did a good job as I am not a good at painting.
    Yeah butterfly and those two love doves too. 😀

  4. seriously? is it done by you ? I mean, awesome work it is .. you are quite well in painting Nisha.. keep it up!

  5. Wish I could! When we see a perfectionist performing something, we always dream to achieve that perfection, because we are awed by their art. It can be any art. But, we tend to forget their hard work and dedication behind the scenes.

    Of course I tried. But, the more I did, the more it resembled something out of a horror movies. So, for the sake of the art itself, I formally and officially quit trying to be an artist and am content to be a connoisseur. 😀

    I’d rather enjoy others than try it myself and begin to hate it!

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