Moments of calmness

Covering my head, bare feet I crossed the Threshold after dipping my unshod feet in flowing water meant for washing feet before entering the temple premises. The moment I was inside, I felt I had entered a different world. The chanting of hymns, the calming atmosphere and the sheer presence of spirituality took me into a trance.

moments of calmness golden temple
It was afternoon; the sun was in the mood of flaunting its capability of burning everybody before it can call it a day in three hours time.
I was at theRead the rest

5 Things to do on tight budget in Amritsar

If you are on a whirlwind day tour of Amritsar, like we were, then the following question would have cropped up in your gray cells more than once.

What am I going to do in Amritsar?

Well, here is a gist of what we did.
We’d chalked out our plan with the help of the rickshaw fellow and the receptionist at the hotel.

golden temple

1) Have stuffed kulchas, paranthas or Lachedar parantha for breakfast at the any one of the many dhabas around the bus stand. Or you can savour on Sarson ka Saag & Makki ki Roti or Rajma ChawalRead the rest

To Wagah Border

Contd from Golden Temple.. ..

[We saw all kinds of people at the temple, all with a different hope and faith. Our next stop was Wagah border.]

As I have mentioned earlier, the city of Amritsar is very small. The distances are very less; in my language walkable. You hardly see a taxi there. Shared autorickshaws are available for Rs 5/- only for a distance of upto 2 Kms. From the Golden temple, we took an autorickshaw for Bus depot. No, not the sharing one.

The bus to Wagah border via Attari was at every half an hour. Earlier, we … Read the rest

The Year That Was

Another year. Another set of to-dos. And a time to take stock… Don’t frown for this late post, we are still in January month. 🙂

Year 2008 was a good year in terms of travel for me. I managed to balance between my work related and personal travels. All the trips were short since now I don’t go on long term trips.
In the year 2008 I have been to a few places abroad (USA & Europe) and in India. I am yet to write about my foreign trips mostly because I hardly get to see a newer … Read the rest

Jalianwala Bagh

Jalianwala Bagh

Contd from.. ..

[We took a rickshaw for Jalianwala bagh. Golden temple is again at a walking distance from it.]

“The impossible men of India shall rise and liberate their Motherland”
Mahatma Gandhi, after the Amritsar Massacre.

I have seen many places with naked history buried in their hearts where human life has no value over barbarousness of some people.  And every time I had become numb to realize how obnoxiously we treat other human beings.

One was in a museum in Sydney where … Read the rest

Start of the Day

Contd. from.. ..

[I had mentally prepared to see three major landmarks in Amritsar before getting back. We reached Amritsar at 10:30 AM.]

The moment we got down, horde of rickshawalas and autowalas surrounded us to take us to hotels. New to the city, lack of direction and short on time forced us to take one rickshaw to one of the hotels from his list. Knowing well about the trap I asked him how much commission he gets. “Rs 20 for ordinary room and Rs 50 for an AC room” prompt came the reply.

Since we had to recover the … Read the rest