Are kids any different?

October end in Sikkim. Time around 6 AM. I feel chillness in the air while walking on the road. The Sun is not warm enough. A wisp of fresh morning air caresses my face.

I see a mother cajoling her kid for something. Then I notice the kid being cranky and refusing to put on his crocs and kicking them away. He wants to run bare foot on the road.

Mom ! Why are you forcing me ?

I stand there smiling….. kids are … Read the rest

Thrilling finish to a memorable trip

Contd from here ….. A trip to Sikkim

Plan for next day was local sight seeing which was to start at around 10 since we were quite late to hit the bed on first night.
I took advantage of this extra time in the morning and ventured out to a nearby village with my camera.

Whether it was a school or a house, the morning chores took importance over anything else.
I met a young girl in her school uniform rushing towards her house after borrowing two eggs from neighbours. I saw a young toddler refusing to put on his … Read the rest

Club Mahindra trip

It all started when I received a message from Lakshmi; it would be a gross understatement if I call her just a traveller.
She asked me if I would be interested in visiting Gangtok to be a part of the select group of travel bloggers, writers and photographers; on an invite by Club Mahindra.

My flight to Delhi was at around 7 in the morning and from there I was to catch a flight to Bagdogra. When I boarded the plane I was wondering how the trip would turn out to be. I knew a few from the group … Read the rest

Sikkim memories

I have returned from an awesome trip of Sikkim. Fully soaked in misty romance and may I mention here that it was never enough for me?
Early sunrise with sun peeping out of clouds, clouds walking on drenched mountains and soft mist caressing us… what more one could ask for ?

Awesome sights and great company, serious discussions and light hearted banters proved to be the icing on the cake. Hospitality of Club Mahindra’s Royal Demazong gave us all the warmth we needed in those cold mountains.

Here is a photo from this trip. A detailed post will come soon. … Read the rest

Sikkim calling…

By the time you read this post, I would have started towards my next destination.

Yes, I am travelling again… this time to the beautiful and mountainous locale of Sikkim. This will be my first visit there.

Club Mahindra has invited me to join its select group of Travel bloggers/writers and photographers, some of whom I know through their blogs but have never met them in real. It’s time now to complete the puzzle of matching names and faces.

Papier mache bought in Nepal

So, till I come back, tata. See ya soon.

Be good. Terima kasih. ciao !… Read the rest