Indonesia in Pictures

Indonesia in Pictures

Indonesia is a beautiful country. One could write pages and pages or one could try to pictorially cover it. I am striving here to do the latter. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Huge masks depicting various mythological characters interspersed with carved skulls of animals.Read the rest

Top things to do in Indonesia

Top things to do in Indonesia

When I was leaving for Indonesia for the first time in April, the country meant only Bali and Jakarta to me. I knew nothing of Bandung or any other place, not even the name. I guess that is the case with most of us tourists. I had read and heard so much about only Bali and Jakarta and a few attractions around them that they had become synonymous with Indonesia.

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Tangkuban Perahu – Arising out of a legend

Tangkuban Perahu – Arising out of a legend

As I stand at the rim of Tangkuban Perahu crater, the legend unfolds in front of me. A single mother Dayang Sumbi who lived in West Java, cast away her son Sangkuriang for disobedience. Son went to a faraway place. Saddened by her actions, the beautiful woman was also worried about her future. Looking at her sadness the Gods granted her the power of eternal youth.

Tangkuban Perahu crater

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Indonesia from Above

Not only in airplane but bus, car, train … I love my window seat and I would probably sulk if I do not get a window seat. Vasu knows it very well and when we travel together, he doesn’t even utter a word about taking that seat or looking out of window!

So as usual, while going to Indonesia, I had reserved window seats for all four sectors. I was flying Mumbai-KL-Bandung and took the same route for return journey.


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Kawah Putih, the white crater

The local villagers were talking about a forest on a hill where birds refused to fly near and if they did, they would end up dead. The locals had declared it as eerie and mysterious forest. This was in 1837. These stories prompted a German botanist Dr Franz W. Junghuhn to investigate, and in turn, he discovered Kawah Putih.

kawah putih

Kawah (water) Putih (white) which … Read the rest