Thirsty Thursday – Keukenhof Garden

I had lost my digicam and was visibly upset. Then to my dismay, one weekend we got a chance to visit Keukenhof garden. I was still upset and didn’t want to go and was literally pulled by my colleagues.

And this garden made my day. I was completely awestruck by its beauty. There was a riot of colors around me.. the flowers were vibrant, the trees had so many different colored leaves. I had never imagined it to be so spectacular. Also, there was a film shooting going on for some south Indian film which turned out to be … Read the rest

Amsterdam – Keukenhof Garden

Note:- All the pictures displayed here are from analogue camera, so quality of photos has suffered a lot.

Had heard about it and had seen it on screen. Remember Silsila ? “Dekha Ek Khwab to Ye Silsile Hue”. Yes, this is THE place. I always wanted to live the ecstasy and when I felt I had a chance, converted it in reality.

Public can not enter these fields. There is a railing along the pathway.

Lisse. It is an hour’s drive from Amsterdam city in the Netherlands. When I entered the garden I couldn’t believe my eyes Read the rest

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As the title says, this post is about Amsterdam. Had been to Amsterdam twice. Both times it was a short trip, time stolen from my busy schedule. First time I went there from Brussels on my way back during gloomy winter days. It was a Sunday. Took an early train to Amsterdam from where I had to take my flight for Mumbai. It is just an hour’s train journey. Sometimes (well.. all the time) I feel it is easier to go from one country to another in Europe than to travel from one city to another back home.

First see … Read the rest