Let’s play chess !

In Geneva, whether it is a park, swimming pool, or any other public place.. .. you can find many large sized chess boards painted on the ground and people engrossed in playing chess.
I have seen this in other countries as well but this is about Geneva.

I always wonder why can not we have such playful outlets in our country and more so what will happen if even we have some. How long we are going to enjoy them or maintain them. Your inputs ?

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Travel and me

Geneva was the first city I was posted and so it has a special place in my heart. I had seen some places before, but this was the first time I was on my own and alone. I was excited. 😀
During my tenure I tried to grab as much as possible. Keen learner and an observant person that I am, there was so much to see, know and learn. I wanted to know what the locals eat, how they eat, how they speak and so on. I was keen to know about their culture, behaviour and tastes.

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A garden with a difference

The other day I was helping my friend plan an itinerary of his honeymoon in Switzerland. He had some constraints such as no. of days, budget and also, he had a friend in Switzerland with whom he wanted to spend sometime on the only weekend available. So after discussing quite a few things we finalized the places to be seen and also the route.

While doing that I promised him to write some more posts on Switzerland. Though I’ll not to, but if you find an overdose of Europe here in next one month or so, blame him not me. … Read the rest

A Clock with a difference

Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre, MontBlanc, Richelieu,  … are few names that we have heard in Swiss watch industry. There are more than 30 such brands.

Among other things Switzerland is famous for world known watches and clocks. These pieces manufactured in Switzerland bear the designation “Swiss made”. This label enjoys a trustworthy reputation throughout the world. “Swiss made” embodies a concept of quality that has been forged over the years.
A proud bunch of people own Swiss watches and I am one of them. 🙂

Oh but I am not speaking about those watches or clocks which … Read the rest

Lac Léman – Some pictures

Here are some more pictures of Geneva Lake called Lac Léman.

You might be wondering why there are two types (scanned & digital) of pictures on my blog. The reason is very simple.
When I reached
Geneva I had an analog camera with me (I am a big fan of still photography, specially B & W photography). The quality of digital pictures are no match to these.
However, the ease of use and expenses involved are the main advantages of having a digital one. So, after sometime I also bought my first digicam, an expensive one and used it for
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Geneva – Lac Léman

Without Lac Léman, Geneva is incomplete and without Jet d’Eau (Water Jet), Lac Léman is incomplete. They are both integral parts of Geneva. The city’s most noted landmark, the Jet d’Eau is situated in Lake Geneva. Its 140-metre-high water column is visible from many parts of the city. This jet remains closed for three months during peak winter. Also, in year 2000, Geneva was awarded the Wakker Prize for its architectural heritage.

This freshwater lake is very big in size (more than 70 KM long) and spread to France also. A small part of it is attached to Read the rest

My first apartment in Geneva

When I landed in Geneva I moved into a fourth floor apartment of this building but in a month’s time I moved out. Reason ? I have described below. Please don’t laugh, my reason was very peculiar and a simple one. First something about the apartment.

It was a three bed-room apartment with a large living room, a small store room, kitchen, a full-fledged bathroom (without the commode) and a separate toilet. There was a passage in the middle and on both sides there were rooms. Here is the map (not to the scale), just to have a rough idea. … Read the rest