Height of Stupidity

Height of Stupidity

How will you feel or react when in an unknown country all of a sudden you are singled out and with no fault of yours, asked to leave it ASAP. Seriously, when the local police speaking in a foreign language (to you, not to them silly ! ), looking at your passport which has a valid visa, discuss your deportation plan then I don’t think it’s a time to smile at them with fluttering eyelashes.

Also, I don’t think I am even remotely related to any elite group of Osama Bin Laden or those self claimed jihadis. … Read the rest

St Gallen – II

So, at the lake we took a ferry. We had bought the day-pass for our travel; it is convenient because it can be used for travel on train, bus, tram and ferry within Switzerland. We need not buy any other ticket. The ferry was a huge one, I should call it a small ship. It had a drive-through for cars. People were taking their cars, scooters, even the bicycles along to go to other places. I was told it was a common practice. All the notices, instructions were in German language.

For me, everything was new and extremely exhilarating. Read the rest

St. Gallen – I

St Gallen was the first place that I visited outside Geneva. I was fortunate enough to visit this place within a month of my landing in Switzerland and it became a memorable one.. not for anything else but for my stupidity. 🙂

It so happened that three Indians (including two from my company working on different projects) were going for a one day tour to explore some places of Switzerland. I immediately expressed my wish to join them.
So, on a Sunday early morning, four of us took a train to Zurich. Zurich is a German speaking city in north … Read the rest