Aisle Be Damned

Aisle Be Damned – A Review
The book, signed by the author Rishi Piparaiya, had reached me around four months back. It languished on my shelf while I travelled the world. It never occurred to me to take this book along. Rushing to the airports, immigrations, luggage, flights, movies on board and so on. So many things to take care, who’ll carry the extra weight? Little did I realize that it is best suited medicine for air travel.


And then, last week, I was to travel by train. Unlike flights, train journeys are hassle free. There was no weight issue as well. So, I looked at my unread collection to carry some books to read at leisure. ‘Aisle Be Damned’ was staring at me angrily. I picked it up along with two other books. It is a book related to air travel and here, in the train, I was laughing out loudly, giggled at times, much to surprise of my co-passengers. I cursed myself to have kept it waiting.

Rishi Piparaiya, in his book, ‘Aisle Be Damned’, quoted Paul Theroux –
There is not much to say about most airplane journeys. Anything remarkable must be disastrous, so you define a good flight by negatives: you didn’t get hijacked, you didn’t crash, you didn’t throw up, you weren’t late, you weren’t nauseated by the food. So you’re grateful.”

To go with the quote, the author has taken a hilarious take on about everything associated with air travel in the book and I could relate to them very well. He has experimented a new kind of satire on everyone starting from captain to air-hostess to passengers to celebrities to industrialists and how to combat them in case we face such situations.
The author has even depicted few of the gigs through pictorial representations and made several references of events pertaining to air travel that we heard in news… this makes the reading quite interesting & interactive.
In short, he has mentioned almost every nuisance that happens while flying in the air.

Initially, the essential pack-list looked weird as it had nothing to do with air travel, but eventually it made sense and by the end of the book, I decided to carry one for myself! 🙂

A good read, if you are familiar with Air Travel. 😀

Only drawback about the book is that, at times the situations are dragged unnecessarily. The satire & fun should have crispness & should not go overboard.

In the end as I always mention about the book on its physical appearance, the paper and print quality is good with a sexy cover page. 🙂 Once you open the book, “Swaying hips, praying lips & flying tips” on the first page and the essential packing list on the next won’t let you put this book down.

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