Flying business class with Singapore Airlines

It was not the first time I was flying business class. It was not my first time with Singapore Airlines either. But the combination was. And I was looking forward to it. 🙂

As long as I remember, the first time I flew Singapore Airlines was sixteen years back in the year 2000 from Sydney to Mumbai via Singapore. Since then I have been a great fan of them. There are more memories to that journey to be told later; here I will tell you how this reunion was with the airlines.

business class singapore airlines
Look! I have been carrying that cute passport
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Airlines merger – What’s your take?

Do you ever think how things will improve or worsen if the airlines merger happens too often? Are there going to be more problems for us to travel ?

Well, after months of rumors and speculation, American Airlines and US Airways officially declared that the two carriers plan to merge into the country’s largest airline.
It is the latest of several merger announcements over the past few years in an airline industry that continues to shrink, at least in terms of number of airlines. After American Airlines and US Airways become a single carrier, to be named American, the U.S. … Read the rest

Flying business class with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines – Review

Which airlines are you flying?
Turkish airlines

I could see my friend not very happy with that name. After all he had travelled with this airline in the past and wasn’t too pleased by its service and performance.
However, I didn’t pay any heed to him. Being an international traveller I have experienced all kinds of airlines. But this was my first time with Turkish airlines and so I still wondered what it would be like.

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Flying domestic?

I have been travelling (and hence flying) since ages but I still make mistakes when it comes to buying air tickets. Being a traveler I don’t mind a different route but I generally try to stick to the airline which gives me an affordable ticket.
In the hustle & bustle of life, I start comparing tickets of different airlines, different combinations and after some time I give up. Not to mention, most of the times I end up paying much more than what should have been an ideal price.

Mumbai from above

That’s aerial view of Mumbai

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