A burning sky

The summer is full on. The earth feels like a baking cake. The heat wave tries to burn us while the hot air blows us away. But we still love watching a burning sky. Don’t we ? 😀

burning sky in Goa @lemonicks.com

Burning sky in Goa.

Don’t you think that the naughty Sun is … Read the rest

Spectacular Kovalam beach

Kovalam beach is one of the most sought after beaches of India, by International and also Indian tourists. So when I happened to visit Trivandrum, … well, what do you expect of me ? I made it a point to go there in evening even if it was for a short period of a few hours.

Beach is as beautiful as you could think of. It reminds me of many beaches around the world. The beach has 2 curves and some rocks in between…. but not as separated as twin beaches of Goa – Palolem & Agonda.



It has … Read the rest

Golden Beaches and Secluded Coves of Cyprus

Golden Beaches and Secluded Coves of Cyprus

Back to one of my favourite topics. The Mediterranean region. 😀

I remember once I was given an opportunity to fly to a Mediterranean island which is supposed to be in part Europe and part Asia. This was going to be pure work. On hearing the name of the country, I had refused. It was fashionable to work only in US, West Europe and some other countries. Working in a small island in the medi was not considered at all.

Things have changed now. I don’t mind exploring Cyprus which is now fully … Read the rest

Unclean India

I am ashamed to say that we Indians have no civic sense, responsibility or duty towards society. It is beyond my thinking how even so called ‘educated’ people can be so ignorant or probably they choose to be ignorant.

The other day I was told by someone who landed at Mumbai international airport, how Indians pounced upon a trail of trolleys coming their way, just to be the first in race to collect baggage.

There are many fronts where we behave worse than animals but today I am talking about only cleanliness & hygiene which is foremost challenge for us.… Read the rest

Let us go south to reach West!

My fascination for the Mediterranean region has always been aeonian. I feel a bit of bonding. Probably because the civilization have existed for eons…. maybe as old as in India.

However I am going to talk about a small region or a district of Portugal, which is on Atlantic but is more Mediterranean when you see the weather or culture.

Yup! I am talking about Algarve. Algarve is the southern most region of Portugal (Faro is the correct political name of this district).

For people who want to visit Algarve you will definitely find the regular Mediterranean fare, sunny weather, … Read the rest

Sunset at Port Dickson

Picture of the moment: Sunset at Port Dickson beach, Malaysia.
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my journeys and my world.

It is a quiet evening by the beach in Port Dickson. Except for a few, the people have started moving towards their home. Some locals have come to a small market place along the beach which mainly hosts a food court & a few shops. It also has a place to relax, play and watch the sea water changing its color to match the Sun.

sunset at port dickson @lemonicks.com

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