Hello from Mauritius

Bonjour, tout le Monde. çava?

Hello from the land of exotic locales, lively waterfalls, turquoise blue waters, white pristine sand, white houses on the shore and green sugarcane fields.

Ah, this is what happens when you miss checking my Facebook page or Twitter regularly. That is the place where most of my updates happen. 🙂

Mauritius beach @lemonicks.com

Who would not want to live here?

I am invited here by Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.
Today was my sixth day in Mauritius, and once again I absolutely fell in love with the natural beauty it has. I am trying to soak in the place.
I have been visiting places, relishing local cuisines and tasting Rum !! Did you know about the various kinds and flavors of Rum as old as 8 years ?
This is one country that I know where the currency also has denomination of 25 and 200. 🙂 Detailed posts when I am back.

Mauritius beach @lemonicks.com

Parasailing and touching down the sea. Yes, I did that too!

I flew Air Mauritius, and it was a smooth direct flight from Mumbai. They have direct flights from four Indian cities. Half of the passengers were Honeymoon couples, thanks to the wedding season in India. And other half were Gujju Muslims settled in Mauritius and Madagascar (the flight was going to Madagascar). I was the odd (wo)man out. 🙂

Mauritius beach @lemonicks.com

A South African singer at Creole festival

The brand new swanky SSR International airport reminded me of KLIA, Kuala Lumpur albeit it’s not that big in size.
Before I could even open my mouth, the immigration officer looked at my passport and smiled, “I’ll not spoil a new page for stamping”. He carefully looked for a used page on which there was some space still left. Thank you very much Mr. officer. These small things matter a lot.
VOA (Visa on Arrival) is a breeze for Indians. You only need to have your confirmed return tickets and a hotel booking.

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  1. Arvi,
    Yes, they start coming now.

    Are you checking my Facebook? There I have been posting tit-bits from Mauritius since my first day there.

  2. Shreya,
    It’s a long list of places that I’ve visited.

    Do check my Facebook for all updates & more tit-bits from the place.

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