Mauritius Postal Museum

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If the entrance is this inviting, who would not like to go in ?
Is not it a good way to invite to a museum?

Mauritius Postal Museum

Welcome to the museum.

The 18th-century stone edifice housing the museum is quite small. It once served as a hospital, but today it is a National Heritage building. The Postal Museum is located near the Post Office of Mauritius.
The Postal Museum’s mission is to develop philately on the island and to preserve locally made stamps, which are valued highly around the world.
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9 thoughts on “Mauritius Postal Museum

  1. This little museum next door to the main post office houses a collection of Mauritian stamps and assorted philately. In November 2001 The has opened a museum known as the Blue Penny Museum.

  2. Of course the postman is indeed “tres avenant” as we say in french. It no doubt attracts attention and “succite de l’interet chez le passant”. The entrance of any place should be given its due importance to invite people to come in! I believe that creativity and a little bit of thinking can embellish places and make people want to go visit! Love the concept of the postal museum! 😉

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