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The world has always been in turmoil. There is always a penchant among human beings to control others. Earlier it used to be in the form of colonization. The reasons were entirely to augment a country’s trade at the cost of annihilation of the people or culture or both of the host country.
We will not go into the details of the many countries which are still under siege, either physically or virtually. If we do, we will only spark a political debate and that is the not the purpose of my blog. My blog is to spread joy thru my travel rants. 🙂

We know, (psssst…if we have been attentive in our history class) that most countries have gained independent in the 20th century. And out of that most of those within the last 4 – 5 decades.
Once independent, I have noticed that, most of them immediately become a travel destination of one sort or the other. Some go for adventure, culture shopping, history seekers, or just the curious sort. You know… the usual.

I will take examples of two such countries. Cape Verde, a small archipelago off the north west African coast and Namibia also on the African west coast but adjacent to South Africa.
There are amongst us who are die-hard romantics or adventurers who would want nothing short of a wedding in Cape Verde. There have mushroomed a numerous hotels and restaurants in Cape Verde, in the last few years. They would like to create a niche for themselves.
So, what now after wedding? A wholesome adventure filled honey moon in Namibia amongst the wild animals. 🙂
Namibia has by now established itself as a budget alternative eco-tourism destination. Tourism is the biggest contributor to their national GDP. There are now numerous accommodations options in Namibia. Most reserves have lodges and hotels that provide comfortable but action packed package deals for honeymooners.

Can you name a few countries that got independence in the last 5 decades and what their niche areas are in terms of tourism?
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4 thoughts on “Young countries

  1. The latest one is South Sudan which is only a month or so old. There are also all the ex-soviet countries and the countries that came from thge breakup of Yugoslavia. And half of Africa and several Pacific islands as well got independence in the last fifty years…wow, there are lots of “new” countries.

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