Jazz Lovers – Gear Up

Jazz Lovers – Gear Up
All this happened, a few months back.
“Preparation for Harare Winter Jazz festival is in full swing” V told me. He also said we might be going there to enjoy Jazz players from all over the world.

I do love music, but this was something else. One does not travel thousands of kilometers to watch people blow their own trumpets. 😉
I asked him the dates and V, in his usual self, said “I don’t know yet but we have time. It is winter festival. Unless, of course, you want to go to Krakow for a summer festival”. I could see a glint of a wicked smile.

I had never heard of Krakow so it was going to be Zimbabwe. He was suitably enthused and was saying that we should book our accommodation now itself as hotels in Zimbabwe would get filled up fast and so on and so forth.
I did not want to play the spoil sport and let him go ahead with the plan. I had my own travelling to do and was thinking how this would create a dent in our travel budget which I was planning to use.

Any way I was gearing up myself for other things to do in Zimbabwe. There was ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ or “Smoke that thunders” or as we know it, the Victoria falls, on the river Zambesi… one of the largest falls in the world. I remember this from my school time English prose “Dr Livingstone, I presume”. 🙂
I was also told that theme based weddings in Zimbabwe are big events. I made a mental note to somehow manage an invitation to one of them. And of course adventure travel. 😀
While all this planning and dreaming was going on for over a month, V came to me with a sheepish grin on his face saying the Winter Jazz Festival was already over. Then it struck me. Zimbabwe lies in the Southern Hemisphere and summer here is winter there!

V was grumbling that it was all unfair. A few days later he came back to me talking about the other Jazz festival in Krakow, Poland. This was a summer festival and V had started looking out for hotels and accommodation options in and around Krakov. This time I would not have any of it and put my foot down. (It actually helped when my well heeled foot found his foot). We needed the funds for our travel later this year end, which is still unknown.
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  1. What a great post!!! You had me smiling as I read about how you were so congenial about the plans for the Zim jazz festival- and in the end the timing was off- and then for you to ‘put your foot down’ (literally)- well you really do know how to write a great post Nisha!!! Good job!!

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