Ontario, here we come

Remember, my three friends, frolicking and painting Europe red? One day while discussing about the various countries and countrymen and their cultures, one of us (Let’s call her U) mentioned that irrespective of how people look, you can almost always tell a Canadian.

The Canadian (We will call her C) in the group wanted to know how. She could speak English and French extremely well, obviously it was not her accent? U said jokingly that all Canadian tourist and travelers would have the red maple leaf displayed somewhere on their self!

We all laughed heartily and C, who hails from Ontario, talked about her province and the nation and the city of Toronto where she lives and how Ontario is a prime tourist destination.

To begin with, the political capital Ottawa and the financial capital Toronto is situated here. It is also the most populous. Ask any Canadian where he/she lives. Chances are, one fourth of them would respond Toronto.

Can you believe that city of Toronto and Greater Toronto Area account for around 25% of Canada’s Population? I was immediately reminded of Australia where 20% of population lived in Sydney and its surrounding areas. I guess some would say the similarity ends there. 🙂

As per C, Ontario is an all-year round place, with Skiing, Snow boarding and hunting during winters and other recreational activities such as water sports, hiking in the wilderness in summer and of course the usual dose of History, monuments, modern architectures and tall towers. E.g. The CN Tower in Toronto held the record of being the tallest free standing structure for several years.

6 thoughts on “Ontario, here we come

  1. Having been to Toronto a couple times now- I must say it is worth the visit. With the Niagara Falls not too far away (driving)- there is plenty to see. Of course the CN tower is a must!

    I hope one day to read “I am going to Seattle” 🙂 Would love for you to visit!

  2. Toronto is a cool place, I like this city. Ottawa is only a four-hour drive away (which is basically nothing for Canada, considering the distance) and I love going for a WE there once in a while.

    Ottawa is worth visiting too… and you’ll hear more French than in TO!

  3. Bever been to Canada ..missed it narrowly while visiting US last year..so where are you headed this year ?

  4. Since I live in Western Canada and it’s such a huge country, I’ve only been to Ontario once, two winters ago. There was plenty to see and do there, for sure. Niagara Falls in the winter is really cool, but ice covers everything, so you have to dress warm and watch your step. I loved watching dating couples skating together on the city center ice rink and the Tower was quite cool, although Calgary (Alberta) has one too, not quite as tall though. I’m going back in June to celebrate the IIFA’s and my birthday together. Should be fun!

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