Going to USA

Eh! Not me ! 😛
Last week I had gone to see off a friend at the airport, who was bound for USA. When we talk about travelling to USA, the first thought that comes to our mind is the distance. The difference in time zone is secondary. Earlier, till a few years back there was no direct flight from India to the USA because of only this reason.

I remember once V had to go there urgently and the company had booked him on Singapore airlines. Not to mention, he had go the other way round, spending a few hours in Singapore as well. When he reached his final destination it was more than 32 hours of air travel!

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Slowly with better aircrafts and technology, direct flights were introduced and they became popular with time. But the long haul still disturbs.

Anyway the first leg of the friend’s journey was a long Mumbai New York flight which takes nearly 19 hours at a stretch! He wanted a break in between but he said those flights were available on Delhi New York line. I have my doubts though.

Then he asked me which airlines do you fly? Air Asia was my reply, which obviously didn’t please him for obvious reasons. 😀 Does the airlines fly to the USA?

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