A confrontation with contrast

India is a country of contrasts.
Myriad of people, chaos, noise, muck, beggars but still rich in warmth and hospitality. Overcrowded trains and buses drive you till crazy and yet they reach you safely to your destinations. Cities are a mix of old heritage buildings and modern infrastructures.
The sight of slums next door to expensive, elegant skyscrapers with apartments owned by billionaires and billboards advertising designer clothes merely reflects a fact of Indian life.


Those who are accustomed to a traffic culture or a road sense in their countries, the combination and range of road users that includes cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, manual rickshaws, bicycles, pedestrians and cows make for a bizarre spectacle. Accidents happen and yet no one bothers to something called lane or traffic signal; only trying to compete in a freestyle pattern of traffic.


A city street in India

Honking ear piercing, fancy sounding horns is a must to show others ones arrival at the scene. At the same time, tranquil waters of a river, pinnacles of Himalaya, therapeutic massages and surroundings of meditation ashrams soothe our souls.

Warm hospitality & unwanted stares & hugs sometimes confront with the need of personal space.

All of this can be quite overwhelming for someone experiencing India for the first time and is ill equipped to make any sense. While he, the tourist, marvels at the cows & beggars on the road, the locals passing them don’t seem to even notice their presence.

Some tourists can not assimilate this multi lingual, multi cultural and multi facet country and yet in the end they recommend others to experience it at least once in lifetime.

India rocks !!

Come world, we are waiting for you !

9 thoughts on “A confrontation with contrast

  1. I think Indians would emerge as the winners any where under any circumstances as the daily ordeal on the roads makes them rough and tough.

  2. Mridula,
    No, I am giving them a clue as what to expect. 🙂

    Welcome here. 🙂

    True. I am surprised how they survive in these conditions.

  3. Ram,
    Then I would have become a politician. 🙂

    Both the photos are of Hyderabad taken from Charminar.

    And is that you call full of ? Wait till I show you another one. 😛

  4. Wendy,
    Oh that’s good news. I am looking forward to see your stories on India again.

    I haven’t been to China but yeah many places in this world are chaotic.

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