A Single Village in two countries

You must have heard of Wagah border. Do you know this famous border or line divides the village Wagah into two ?

Milestone says in Punjabi : Wagah border 2 KMs

The village was unified before India Pakistan partition in 1947. And then the controversial Radcliffe Line was drawn dividing the village into two. Today, the eastern half of the village remains in India whilst the other half is in Pakistan.

7 thoughts on “A Single Village in two countries

  1. Oh..Wagah is a village on both sides of the border?? I always thought the name of the border was Wagah.. 🙁

    Btw, picture taken from cell cam ? or moving vehicle??

  2. Hey thats ironic isnt it …some british dude must have just drawn the line across not knowing he was going through a whole village !!

    Love your travelogues boss. They are one of our favourites.

    Dubbagol team

  3. Dubbagol Team,
    Officially welcome here.

    Yeah, maybe, I am weak in history ! 😛

    Thank you for liking my travelogues. I am aware of it. But the links you give to your readers, won’t suffice. They can not read my posts from my homepage. You should always link to my individual posts.

    Thanks once again.

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