Amritsar – Modes of Transport

At last I am able to start something. I had hoped to salvage the opportunity to write during my free time, if any, but could not. This journey is about Amritsar (Punjab), a small city in north India.

Within India most of the time I fly to my destinations even if they are personal trips, mainly for two reasons – convenience and lack of time. So as much as I love train journeys, I end up missing them.

This time when I saw I could afford to spend sometime to myself, I grabbed the opportunity of traveling by other modes of transport which take longer time but enrich one’s soul. And this turned out to be a unique experience in many ways.

Here are a few pictures of  them.

Did you notice the luggage career on the autorickshaw ?

The autoricksaws generally ply on sharing basis. Look at the seats ! In all it can seat 10 passengers !

The overnight bus. Above are sleeper berths and below chair seats. Both are quite comfortable.

I am basically a flashpacker but when many of my readers (Indians & foreigners both) asked me about budget traveling in India and whether it is safe and convenient, I took this trip as a learning and guiding experience for all of us.

The story will begin from the next post. Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Amritsar – Modes of Transport

  1. Shivanand,
    Yeah, will do soon.

    These modes were within Punjab state. I haven’t shown an ordinary rickshaw yet. 🙂

    Did you travel from Mumbai to Amritsar in an auto? Or in a bus?.. I went by train till Delhi and from there by bus. You haven’t asked about coming back. I reached Mumbai in a pvt cab. Now, go figure !! 😛

  2. I usually take buses, except for traveling in Europe, where I take the train because buses are not convenient.

    I bused from Mexico to Brazil a few years ago 😉

    I also love chicken buses in Central and Sout America, basically old US and Canada schoolbuses.

    Haven’t tried rickshaws though.

  3. a good teaser.. I prefer trains to buses and cars sometimes.. but somehow Im extremely uncomfortable with night buses.. i fly only if its long distances (read 24 hours and more by train )

  4. I love train rides in India…they are so much more fun than flying.

    Enough with all the teasing already, I want to read the travel post now 😛

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