Amritsar – Some pictures

Before I start writing about it, here are some photos to give you an idea. 🙂 Yes yes, I am aware of your restlessness but I just do not have enough time to pen it down. Enjoy the pictures till then.

The entrance to famous Jalianwala Bagh

Self descriptive

Golden Temple : during day

Golden Temple : at night 

The ‘disciplined’ crowd at Wagah Border

At far end you can see the Pakistani gate

The crazy crowd

I’ll have to show you the no. of pictures I spoilt to make you believe how crazy this crowd was. (I was no different !)

24 thoughts on “Amritsar – Some pictures

  1. Wow.. the sign doesn’t say “were shot by Christian bullets”… of course there wouldn’t be much to call Christian about a bullet or even the person firing it. it is a deep shame that so many Christians seem so oblivious of that.

  2. Hmmm … should change that message in Jalianwala Bagh (instead of specifying religions, better just say Indians?)

    btw, guess who I am :-p

  3. Last time I didn’t even think of commenting, but the pictures are stunning! Loved to see the Golden Temple!
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still in Tunisia, now at the Blue Village! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  4. Nice picture of the golden temple. My blood boils even now when I read about Jalianwala Bagh! I didnt know that the place was so close to Pakistan.
    What are the crowds waiting for?

  5. Perfect postcard picture of the Golden Temple. What a sight to see! I hope your family and friends are well and I am sickened at what has happened in India and to so many people over the past week.

  6. Loved your night shot of Golden temple…I have been there many times courtsey friends…and everytime I go there….i just come back with so much contentment…….!!

    On lighter note …I remember I met this overzelous young surd and he took me within the radius of 30 km…all the gurduwara’s around Amritsar (devoted to 10 guru’s…) — that was bit too much for me…to take in 4 century worth of history in 2 days….but no doubt some of the buildings had amazing features….!!

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