Amritsar – The Concoction of Journey

Note:– The story of this journey is solely for my own personal remembrance, experience and purpose; the minute details may not interest you. Also, do not see it as a travel guide though it may end up to be one.

This journey was soaked in the freshness, warmth, hospitality and culture of people of a state in north India called Punjab and as mentioned earlier I am going to cherish it for a very long time.

First, the name of Punjab
The name Punjab = punj + aab = five + water
a place of five rivers

After living most of my life in Delhi, it was my first trip to Punjab and this turned out to be a unique experience in many ways. No, I do not consider Chandigarh as a part of Punjab; it is as much a metro city as any other. So, my being there many times while going further north does not count to visiting Punjab.

Outside of Golden Temple

This was the most unplanned trip I ever had. No confirmed tickets, no place to stay. Had gone to Delhi for some important work for which we had kept 2 days. Unfortunately as luck would have it, we managed to complete it by 5 PM on the day of arrival.

Now what ? We had one full day to spare (actually two nights and a day). I didn’t want to waste the precious day by just meeting friends and relatives. Apologies, if you happen to know me and are reading it.

At that time we were at favourites De Pauls in Connaught Place sipping cold coffee and the venturesome girl that I am, I popped up the idea of a day trip. We contemplated of visiting some place in neighbouring states. So, what’s special ? Arrey, hold on !!

We like surprises, don’t we ? Loads of them. 😀 And that 2 nights & 1 day turned into 4 nights and 3 days by the time we reached back Mumbai !

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