Corals of Andaman

Corals of Andaman

When I was a child, we had received a bunch of big corals from a family friend who had come to India after serving in the Andaman Islands. No, not the kala pani as you would have thought but in defense services. 😀


A sea horse tries to hide behind a coral.

Those six corals were big, around one and a half feet in length and of different ‘designs’. I was told by my father, there was life in them before and now they were dead. That made the little me ponder a lot about them. I used to gaze at them, touch the hard skeleton curiously and wonder how these shell hard ‘hands’ must have moved to swim. I remember, I used to peep to find out where were the eye & the ears ! 😀

And that was the time I had decided that I’ll visit Andaman and Nicobar when I grow up. I would touch those moving hands and if possible, bring a live one home as a pet. And till date the underwater world keeps fascinating me for more than one reason.

Though I have seen the beautiful beaches of Andaman Sea in Thailand and Malaysia, I have not been able to fulfill my childhood dream. I know Andaman Tourism is promoting it aggressively. But I guess it’ll take some more time before I put my foot on the mesmerized land of my dreams.

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  1. Well… Andaman is amazing… Beautiful.. Awesome… It totally rocks. I’d been there about 4 years back and absolutely raring to go there again when time permits. Snorkelling to see the corals was the best part for sure. Although tsunami had destroyed a lot of them but what was left was truly very beautiful.

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