Any connection? Bangalore, Shanghai and York?

What is common between Bangalore, Shanghai and York?
You would have heard of several food items named after cities. I had once carried out a post as well. Also you would have heard names of cities for plethora of stuff and quite common if you ask me. E.g Bedlam is a chaotic situation originated in England, named after the St Mary of Bethlehem Hospital, a Psychiatric Hospital. Or Calico is a type of cloth named after Calicut in Kerala.

Here is something that’s not so common, names of cities that are used as verbs in English.

Bangalored – Job that has been outsourced. Generally IT jobs. Beginning at the turn of the century, IT jobs were being sent to India and more specifically to Bangalore where several big IT companies have their head quarters. This was done mostly because it was cheaper and the technology was advanced enough to enable them to work from a remote location. No wonder Bangalore is still called Silicon city of India.

modern cart

Bangalore is the only city where I have seen this modern battery operated cart at railway station. And this photo was taken more than 2 years back !

Shanghaied – Employing sailors by forceful methods including kidnapping! American ship owners often resorted to this method because of shortage of labour in those times (over 100 years back). It was named after the Chinese city, maybe because the ships were sailing to Asia ? It was definitely not a vacation to China. Now it means coerce someone to join some work against his/her will or stranded in an unknown city by cheating.

Yorked – Most well known amongst those who follow the game of Cricket. When a batsman is not able to gauge the ball and is LBW or bowled out or even beaten by a Yorker then he is yorked . I am sorry, non cricketing folks, this may sound gibberish to you all. 🙂 Originally to be yorked means to be cheated or tricked.
Why Yorkshire? I have no clue. Seriously.

One common thread that runs across is that all these words have negative connotation!
Careful! There have been situations where employees were Shainghai-ed and if an employee resisted then he was Yorked into being Bangalored ! 😀 😀

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