Anything can be alive and awesome

This Alive is Awesome series is impelling me to go deep down the memory lanes and relive the stories associated with it. There are so many incidents and stories that I find it difficult to choose from. However, here is something that I thought I must share with you all. 😀

What is an adventure for you? Doing something which a common man/ woman / child does not do? Something which your folks do not want you to do but you still find fun in it? Whatever is the reason, if somebody does not want you to do something, probability is, the adventurism in you would push you to try it at least once. 🙂

nagao beach

Small or big, there is something about the things which you want to do …. sometimes as a rebel, most times for fun. From jumping in a puddle during rains to hanging out of a running train, it is quite an achievement, thrill and exciting at the same time. Is not it? 😀

It was in Nagaon in Maharashtra. Nine of us were on a joint family trip to this wonderful small place. We were staying in a homestay enjoying the warm hospitality and local cuisines. Beach was the only place to go. In the evenings, attractions such as horses, chariots, balloon sellers make brisk business.

So we went to beach. Though the cool breeze tried to keep us calm, it was sun who wanted us to jump in the sea water. While some members of our group were already in water, I was still contemplating what to do.

And there he was. All of five years of age, struggling to escape from the clutches of his mother who was trying hard to cajole him to join his father and elder brother on a camel ride. Continuously looking at the waves, he was in no mood to oblige his mother.
She kept luring him with something or the other. Candies, horse ride, sugarcane juice, his favourite chips…. Nothing could divert his attention from the water. By this time his father and brother had gone far on camel. The mother didn’t want to go in the water.

nagao beach

Waiting for next wave, enjoying to the hilt. 😛

Finally he was allowed to stand at a place where the soft waves would only touch his feet. This was what he wanted ! Before his mother could instruct him further, hurriedly he removed ALL his clothes and lay on the wet sand waiting for the next wave!! Mother was quite embarrassed. Defying his mother’s diktat time and again, he was splashing in each wave as it rolled in and splashing on his mother and running away. He had just defined completely and perfectly what Alive is awesome bathing experience is. His agility and speed was no match for his poor mom, who after a few minutes let him be.

I don’t remember if I have had so much fun at the beach as this young kid and obviously now that is not so much possible. 😉

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  1. Dark Knight,

    I agree. This is what we call as our childhood. 😀 We can have so much fun without bothering about anything and anyone !

    I have many pictures of him (standing, sitting etc) but then decided on this one.

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