Bamboosa at Lavasa

One of the main attractions of Lavasa is Bamboosa. As the name suggests, it is about bamboo which is nurtured in Lavasa’s Bamboo forests. Lavasa Corporation employs local people and artisans to craft bamboo products. The idea of having the factory and the showroom at the same place is good as we get to see what actually goes into making all these works of arts.


A wrist watch in the making.

They have a wide range of beautifully conceived and crafted products from furniture (beds, sofa, stool, table, chair, lamp shades etc) to photo frames, coasters, pen stands, knives and many more. I liked the watches very much and would have bought some pieces but they were being newly introduced and yet to hit the showroom.


Wrist watches…fully wooded.

I spoke to some people there about the time, artists and costs involved. For example, a sofa set which will sell for around INR 45000-50000 takes around 15 days to be ready. From a raw bamboo to last finishing touches it goes through different stages such as varnish treatment, water proofing and has a guarantee of 30 years !
The craftsmen involved are
Main artisan = 1 @INR 300+ per day
assistant artisan = 1 @INR 300 per day
Helpers = 3 @INR 200 per day


A coffee table set ready for sale.


An unfinished wall clock.


Unfinished chairs lined up after waterproofing.

Bamboosa has a showroom in Mumbai as well where you can shop for your favourite artifact.
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  2. @Prashanth,
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    I have named here so many items. Rest you can see when I upload all photos. 🙂

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