Namma Metro!

Delhi Metro as we all know is the second metro to be commissioned.

Then after a series of delays, from one Ugadi to another, “Namma Metro” was finally flagged off in Bengaluru, the third in India fondly called Namma Metro, meaning “Our Metro”.

namma metro

The stretch is a short one, just about 4 KM covering 6 stations.

I got the chance to try it out while on a trip to Bangalore about 2 months back, having to catch a train from KR Puram. (A journey I’ll not forget in a jiffy…but that story must wait)

I thought (planned) it would be a great idea to take an auto to MG road, take the metro to the last stop Baiyappanahalli, get out… take a feeder bus to KR Puram station which is just a short distance of 3km.

Man proposes and God disposes!

I reached MG road and the auto fellow stopped about 500metres short of the metro station saying that if goes there he would have to take a “big round” to go to where he wants. I was already fuming, but the prospect of trying out my third metro in India cooled me sufficiently and I picked up my luggage and lugged it to the station.

On reaching , I was promptly asked by the security to open my luggage which I had meticulously packed. There was no X-Ray machine hence this routine. I was ok with this, since security is required. By chance I could open the lock and it was ok with the security people who waved me off without checking. I was happy that my time was saved but I could not digest the laxness in the security.

Buying ticket, a breeze, getting into the platform and then the train, no issues.

namma metro

Reserved space.

The train was quite empty. I was surprised. I could not find an assignable cause for this. I could travel in comfort, so I am not cribbing. I think at last my plans are being upheld. I also saw a place reserved for physically disabled people. I do not remember having seen such sign at any other metro.

But no! Come last stop, I alight along with other passengers and go towards the exit. The station as the one in MG road is quite modern , but still being completed at places. I came out to find the feeder services have not commenced. 🙂

I get hold of one of the hordes of auto guys and he flatly refuses to engage the meter and demands Rs 100. Being the Indian I am, I bargain down to Rs 40 for the 3KM distance to the railway station.

namma metro

The route.

The metro travel itself was quite comfy but the allied services needs to be upgraded quickly, in order to give a good experience to the commuter.
This happened about 2 months back. I hope by now some more stations have been added to the route.

When you visit Bangalore next, I guess a ride is a must for all travelers All the best Namma Metro!

P.S.- This post is written by V.

9 thoughts on “Namma Metro!

  1. Sounds like a comfy transport… But like you said the feeder services have to work with the metro so it will be more convenient.

  2. @Connie,
    Yeah, without feeder service it’s like rice without side dishes. 😛

    Wow! Great to see you here after a long time. And I thought you’s stopped reading my blog! 😀

    No more stations? But have they started feeder service at least?

  3. blore auto guys are quite notorious – and tops my hate list. if i were u, i wud walk the 3kms but still not ask for auto 🙁 then again, there is a bus stop, just outside the bayappanahalli station where u can get buses to k r puram, but not sure, if u can volvos from there

    i had managed to get in to the station and train quite early – coz the company i was working for was involved in surveilance and i was part of the project 🙂 took the metro recently and luved it too 🙂 its undoubtedly world class and hopefully it will connect the whole of blore – as per the phase II plans it should.

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