Being in the sky

Being in the sky

Last three weeks saw me flying into three countries and after that a domestic trip. I was literally in the sky. That’s too much of travel, isn’t it? 🙂

During my flights I could catch up on sleep and watch a few movies. Movies are not high on my priority when I am home so it was good to see some of them. And of course on a few occasions I had interesting co-passengers who won’t let me do my work peacefully. 🙂
I returned yesterday after soaking myself in the local culture & feasting on local culinary delights of these places. Here I show you a glimpse of these places.

Natural dwellings of Cappadocia, you can see doors & windows here.

Out of all these places, I loved Cappadocia (काप्पादोशिया) the most. Unbelievably beautiful with surreal rocks which have their own imaginative structures and stories.

I never cease to admire the majestic Petronas.

You can not miss the twin tower Petronas in Kuala Lumpur wherever you go.
bugis singapore
Singapore never fails to amaze me with its cleanliness and warm hospitality. I prefer to walk on the streets and if it’s a small place like Singapore, there is nothing like it.

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