Camels and sky at Pushkar

You all know I was in Pushkar to attend the International camel fair. Don’t you? 🙂
Here is a shot of sky at the camel fair ground at Pushkar. Even the Sun seems to lose its brilliant hue of red color in that desert.

pushkar camel fair

Camels and sky at Pushkar.

You can see more beautiful skies around the world here on Skywatch.

10 thoughts on “Camels and sky at Pushkar

  1. And I was at Pushar too clicking lots-n-lots of images mostly posted on blog I write. Good to know you were there. Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Ajeya,
    Yes !! The fair is majorly famous for selling & buying camels. But these days it has become an attraction for photographers and tourists. 😀

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