Chennai Central – Great Facility

Thanks to Air Asia’s unceremonious cancellation of their service to Mumbai, We have been at our wits end to find the right Airasia flight to Malaysia, which is our landing platform for any South east Asian city.

Should we travel from Kochi, Bangalore or Chennai or maybe Tiruchirapalli ? Am I to do an India tour first? If yes then how to reach these places? This time on return I decided to save some money by travelling by train from Chennai to Mumbai.

Arrival at Chennai Airport itself was uneventful. Getting off the flight the high humidity hits you. I had little trouble with Customs especially since I was not smuggling gold either as blocks or as jewelry. Customs still wanted to inspect the contents of my strolly as someone had marked that they had seen something in the x-ray!. There was nothing to be found except my old clothes some of them soiled.

Coming out I took a pre-paid cab to Chennai central. I don’t know if it’s a genuine booth but looked a scam to me. You know, I had this feeling which would not go away, that I being overcharged. I reached Chennai Central Station well before time. Even though the sun had set, it was still very hot. Especially more so within the confines of the station with thousands thronging the platforms and the station premises aimlessly.
chennai central

AC waiting hall.

I was coming here after many years. I was just trying to see what had changed and so on. More food stalls! Good!
On one side there were some enlarged copies of very old photographs which tourists on Sightseeing in India would relish. Other than that nothing much had changed in terms of passenger facilities. You had people occupying every inch of the floor some sleeping, some gossiping.

Then I saw this place. Here was a big air-conditioned room with facility to sit, away from the heat and dust. Wow! This is something new. For INR 30 for the first hour and INR 20 per hour thereafter one can park oneself and one’s belongings in the room and even enjoy some Tamil movies on the TV! There are several electrical points to charge cell phones and laptops. But still no wi-fi.

chennai central

Although this is not much as I slowly drifted to a nap, I realized that there were those thousands who could not afford even this much amount or may be they had better plans for their money…. zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ………

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