Customs Area at Wagah border

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Customs area at Wagah border doesn’t look like a sophisticated one we are normally used to see. Despite all hoardings and notices, it’s a crowded place especially during beating retreat ceremony. The only people who do not enter the gates are the vendors selling eatables and drivers of different vehicles.

That does not mean there is no checking. Security is as alert as anywhere else. I would say army’s presence makes it even better.

This tourist complex named ‘Aman Umeed’ (Peace hope) with all amenities is inside the complex.

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4 thoughts on “Customs Area at Wagah border

  1. Hi !
    It looks a bit confused… 😉
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is back to the «urban jungle», which Reykjavik is far from being… ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous week!!

  2. There is confusion galore in this area basis my experience. I was carrying a large tote bag with me as no one had warned me that stuff is not allowed in…I walked past the gate in front of the so called alert soldiers who did not point me to the locker area…and after walking about a km inside a soldeir comes running behind me to tell me this bag is not allowed in! Dude- am already in!! I had to trot back get a locker…drop the silly bag thr..and then trudge back to be told thr is a separate queue for wimmen! Eatables were thrown by the side– flys’ swarming all over..wish we Indians knew hygiene and appreciated hygiene btr

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