Celebrating New Year

Best Wishes to all on the arrival of the New Year 2012.

Having met a few of my old school friends from Delhi after several years in the year gone by (2011), I found myself reminiscing how we used to celebrate the Christmas vacation in Delhi, especially the arrival of the new year.
The celebrations always involved intricate planning and things to do in Delhi.

The reason was, being from conservative families, we did not want to be found out having indulged in intoxication back at home. 🙂 You can imagine what works one year, would not the following year. Celebration was ok but in a sober way and of course had to be back home by midnight.

First was to find a suitable venue. This had to be a friends place whose parents were away either out of town or themselves partying elsewhere! If they were partying elsewhere, timing had to be perfect. At the stroke, after wishing everybody the usual, we had to clean up pretty fast. Counting the empty beer bottles and the corresponding number of bottle caps was one such activity. You don’t want a missing bottle cap showing up at a later date, from under the sofa or the cabinet. 🙂
Music, very important and not very hard to come by. Mostly tape cassettes and LPs, CD’s had not been invented yet! Sometimes it involved carrying the necessary equipment from one friends place to another.

Food? Yes, Sure.
Of course, no possibility existed for gourmet food. It had to be good ole pizzas, chips and such. But then, there no one minded it!

List of who had to be invited, not so difficult. Had to ensure all turned up, cover each other in case of parents’ inquiries etc.
Once planned, all the necessary stuff would be collected near the venue and wait for the feu-vert from the year’s host. Till that time, make a quick trip to Connaught place and hang around D’pauls, sipping their favorite Cold Coffee with or without ice-cream.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating New Year”

  1. Oh you had me smiling at this post- thinking of all the meticulous planning….and when you mentioned Connaught place …my smile broke out even wider- what fond memories I have of ‘hanging out’ there 🙂

  2. @Niranjan,
    The trip is still on. 🙂

    Don’t we all plan it that way, especially when we are wary of getting caught? 🙂

    Yup the nostalgia of the days gone. 🙂

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