Delhi International Airport Terminal 3

Picture of the moment: Delhi International Airport T3
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I am home ! I am home after volunteering in Cambodia. It feels good to be back…. to be back to familiar smell, familiar surroundings and familiar sounds. ๐Ÿ™‚

T3 international airport delhi

The hands gestures of Nav mudras greet you before immigration.

I came via Delhi and greeted by the nine mudras at the Delhi International airport.

It was my first visit to T3 international terminal which is said to be the sixth-largest passenger terminal in the world. And now IGI Airport is ranked 2nd in the world by Airports Council International. A moment of pride as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

Location: Delhi International Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi.

I have been posting photos of this trip on my Facebook page and if you want to travel with me on my journeys, you can join me there as well.

14 thoughts on “Delhi International Airport Terminal 3

  1. @Arti,
    Thank you.

    Welcome. Seeing you after a very long time here. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Well, I haven’t seen it all… just landed and came out.

    Are you talking about only the building or the whole complex. But why do you say so?

  2. Great Capture! welcome back, Nisha !

    I don’t think it is a waste of space.

    For the first time we are seeing something that has been planned with a view far into the future traffic.

    All this while we in India have been used to plans that is already outdated by the time it is implemented. The new terminals , stations and other facilities are already over-crowded by the time they come up.

    I agree with Nisha that this is definitely a moment to feel proud.

  3. @Arvi,
    I agree with you. In India it takes a lot of time to implement a project and by the time it completes, we are already behind what is required at that time.

  4. @nisha… creative use of space is an art… take Incheon International Airport.

    the facilities it offers are much more than T-3.

    travelling to and from a “boarding/exit gate” you observe that “moving sidewalks” have been installed. however all the facilities viz toilets / drinking water stations / cafes are not at the end, where one would disembark, but in-between! so on has to either miss on stage or walk back half the way.

    and ALL cafes cost a BOMB… why???

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