Dilli meri Jaan !

Delhi completes 100 years and so, Happy Birthday, Delhi ! 😀

Delhi was declared the national capital on December 12, 1911, by King George V when he visited the country to commemorate his coronation as the British emperor of India.
And this is my salute to the capital of India.

red fort delhi @lemonicks.com

bahai temple delhi @lemonicks.com

India gate delhi @lemonicks.com

jantar mantar delhi @lemonicks.com

hanuman delhi @lemonicks.com

garden of 5 sense delhi @lemonicks.com

delhi metro delhi @lemonicks.com

Inside Delhi metro.

dilli haat @lemonicks.com

safdarjung station delhi @lemonicks.com

rajdhani new delhi @lemonicks.com

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11 thoughts on “Dilli meri Jaan !”

  1. I haven’t been to Delhi since 2006, but apparently their metro is now the fastest growing in the world.

    The politicians should pass on some of that infrastructure money to other cities also.

  2. hmm! interesting to see this! have been hearing so much about delhi’s bday! and i havent even begun writing my delhi posts! nisha, u are beating me to all the destinations i have yet to write about!!!!

  3. @Neeraj,
    Delhi Metro has changed the scene in Delhi.

    Well, there is money in each city, but it goes directly to politicians & their friends/relatives. And Mumbai tops the list of such cities.

  4. @Deepak,
    Don’t have photos of Qutub Minar as I did not have camera that day. It was long back. Need to go again.

    And in Akshardham one needs to deposit all cameras & mobile phones for security reasons. So, again no photos. 🙂

  5. @Anu,
    Arrey! It’s just a birthday wish! 😀

    Ha Ha.. Relax! Now you have time to write all your articles.
    I won’t be writing much for few weeks; scheduling some guest posts. 😀

  6. Nice blog.. Good job.. It is very important for traveller to know about the places where they want to visit. This type of informative blogs helps a lot at the time of travelling. Thank you so much for the information. And photographs is just amazing !! Keep it up.. and keep writing

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