Dilli 6

Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is famous for these deep fried snacks.  Sweet Thekua, namakparas, samosas, kachoris, besan kaju and what not, with at least 5 varieties of each.

They are equally rich in taste and oil. The containers have holes in bottom and are placed on top of canisters for draining off extra oil.
They always use paper bags to pack and within a minute those bags are fully drenched in oil !!

My visits to the place are not complete unless I buy kilos of them ! Yes, whenever I happen to go there, there is a huge demand to bring these fresh crispy yummy items and I have to buy them by kilos and not by grams !!

No wonder when I asked the shopkeeper about his daily sale, he said anything between 200-250 Kgs per day. And this was just one of the many such shops.

A trip to Chandni Chowk and coming back without these goodies ? No way !

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9 thoughts on “Dilli 6

  1. Lucky you. 🙂 The most northern place in India I have visited is Goa. :(. I hope to make up some excuse to visit Dilli n probably Agra in near future.

  2. Hi Cuckoo!
    250 kgs a day? Wow! That’s big business…

    Meanwhile India 2008 is coming to its end at Blogtrotter. I know you’re getting a bit tired, but there are still some marvels to come ;). Look forward to reading your comments! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Cuckoo – thanks for stopping by my blog and linking my post to blogbharti. You have some great pictures here, and interesting posts! The snack foods look so awesome. The indian stores here are so inadequate in this regard … Hadn’t heard of the menstruating goddess before. How interesting. I wonder what the mechanism is by which the waters turn red. I hope there isn’t a dye factory nearby …

  4. Last time I went to Delhi 6 was for dining at Karim’s. The first thing that struck me in those streets were the Electric wires. Didn’t take the risk of eating outside there.. Will give it a try next time 🙂

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