Refusal !

Scorching sun, soiled shoes, tired swollen feet…. refusing to move further and.. ..

when cool sea water fondly caresses them with gentle kisses, they refuse to move… .. yet again. 😀

That’s Ganapatipule !!

27 thoughts on “Refusal !

  1. What beautiful shots ! Taken at innovative angle it gives a different feel. where have you gone for vacations?

    I have seen your feet in ur other blog. Will say the same what many ppl have alredy told u.

    aapke pair bahut haseen hain (very feminine indeed with that nail-polish). inhe zameen par mat rakhiye, maile ho jayenge. a dialogue from film ‘pakeeza’. 🙂

  2. Great snaps !!! The first snap is Abhishek Resorts, is it?

    GanpatiPule is one of my favorite places. I just love the sand there.

  3. Hi ! See you survived the food and the champagne, and entered 2009 in great shape, with a great refusal… 😉
    Happy New Year!
    Blogtrotter will be posting on your city the next weeks; lots to see… Hope you like it and wish you a great weekend!

  4. Mayank,
    Thank you for liking the shots (and my feet). I do not really ‘think’ of the angles. I click as I see things.

    Place ?? Look carefully, it is there. 🙂

    Welcome to my blog. And I wish you both the same.

    Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

  5. Abhi,
    Thank you.
    No, it is not Abhishek Resorts. Is it on the beach ? I don’t think so. Now guess.

    GanpatiPule is one of my favorite places. I just love the sand there… Is there any place which you have not visited ? I was so sure of this one but no ! You are first here as well !

  6. Ashes,
    Thank you.

    I have another part of you now… Stop doing that ! Well, read up what Mayank has said. This part is already there on my photoblog since quite sometime and in fact a better picture than this.

  7. Thyme,
    And I saw your today’s post. Probably inspired by this one ?? 😀

    Happy new year to you too.

  8. Vamsee,
    Yes, the beach is so lovely… better than many of Goan beaches. I had a great time. Thank you.

  9. Yes, I had seen that photo too…but there were two other pairs in that one due to which yours were not very clear. Also the water was frothy there.

  10. Trotter,
    Happy new year to you too.

    Yes, I am aware of the your posts and I am liking them. Thank you.

  11. Abhi,
    Yes, you are right. It is MTDC, the best option there.

    Ok, I agree with you but for me that one is a better composed one. 🙂

    So ??

  12. Makes me want to be at the beach too! …it looks so bright and sunshiney and happy…and I’m stuck indoors on a cold, gloomy, rainy day.

  13. Mridula,
    Yeah, for me year 2008 was also great.

    Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. I am yearning for those cold, dark and white blanketed sunless days when you can do ice skating on a frozen lake.

    Cheer up girl !! And sing the song… Woh subah kabhi to aayegi 😛

  14. Heard so much abt this beach, but never been there..happy new year Cuckoo..sorry, am a bit late here

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