Sunsets at Ganapatipule

Every new place I visit, the first thing in mind comes is whether I would be able to see a sunset or not. Then sometimes my husband V, (if he is traveling with me) has to gently remind me of geographical location of the place and that it might be a good idea to see a sunrise instead of a sunset. 🙂

Such is my fascination with sunsets.

I can never get bored of clicking sunsets, my favourites. Especially the coastal regions where one can amusingly watch the sun rays playing with water by coloring them, tickling them and sometimes burning them red.

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16 thoughts on “Sunsets at Ganapatipule

  1. Marvelous sunset captures!! They’re my favorite, too! Such gorgeous colors! Love the last one where you can see others enjoying the beauty as well! Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Manjunath,
    Thank you.

    Exactly ! I still don’t know how to distinguish between a sunset and a sunrise by looking at a photo. I’ll post some more in near future and ask you ! 😛

    Well, in this case there are 2 pointers I guess..
    1- If anyone knows that Ganapatipule is on western coast and so it has to be a sunset and not sunrise.
    2- Also, one can not find so many people on beach at sunrise. 🙂

  3. Sunsets are beautiful everywhere and sometimes the colors get magical.

    I’m fond of taking pictures of sunrise and sunset, especially sunset at places I visit. You may have found quite a few of them on my blog.

  4. Arshi,
    Wow !!
    Great to see you here ! 😀

    Thanks so much for the appreciation. Will meet you probably day after.

    Keep coming as I keep going to you. 😛

  5. Ganpatipule is the awesome place to visit.
    One of the best place in ratanagari.Its the heart of the ratanagari.

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