Are kids any different?

October end in Sikkim. Time around 6 AM. I feel chillness in the air while walking on the road. The Sun is not warm enough. A wisp of fresh morning air caresses my face.

I see a mother cajoling her kid for something. Then I notice the kid being cranky and refusing to put on his crocs and kicking them away. He wants to run bare foot on the road.

Mom ! Why are you forcing me ?

I stand there smiling….. kids are no different in any part of the world. The mother tries to distract the child pointing towards me. That also gives me a chance of speaking to the kid showing my camera. Mother tells him that I want to click a photo and tries her luck again.

The camera has made the kid curious enough to look straight in my eyes and also to oblige his mother. 😀
Me and the mother smile and thank each other.

See, I am a good boy.

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15 thoughts on “Are kids any different?

  1. Interesting narration of the encounter. Why just kids … I think human beings are not any different in different parts of the world. Just have different traditions but same ‘nature’ 🙂

  2. Tanvi,
    Welcome here.
    Yeah, some of the traits remain with us but as adults we try to change somewhere down the line.
    In case of kids, they just don’t bother about anything. It’s their natural instinct. 🙂

    keep coming.

  3. Nisha,

    Awesome pictures of kid and very true narration 🙂

    I could access FB but there were not many pictures. I will check again today.

  4. Oooooh u r in Gangtok! Totally envious. Roughly about a year back I was too! And yes kids r cute anywhere to be honest. Am glad he got those Crocs on him! 🙂

  5. Lakshmi, Appu, A,
    He was very cute and I could not resist myself. 😛

    I was in Gangtok and Club Mahindra had sponsored my trip. 😀

    This kid has won many hearts till now in real life too ! 😀 People come to my computer and start doing ‘awwww cutie’. 😀

  6. Sankara,

    Yeah, sometimes I feel guilty to make him fool but then we too have crossed this age and someone else must have made us fool. No? 😀

    They are moody and hence sometimes we have to play games with them.

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