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It all started when I received a message from Lakshmi; it would be a gross understatement if I call her just a traveller.
She asked me if I would be interested in visiting Gangtok to be a part of the select group of travel bloggers, writers and photographers; on an invite by Club Mahindra.

My flight to Delhi was at around 7 in the morning and from there I was to catch a flight to Bagdogra. When I boarded the plane I was wondering how the trip would turn out to be. I knew a few from the group through their blogs but it was time now to complete the puzzle of matching their online & offline personalities.


From over the clouds…

My first worry after arrival at Delhi was to catch the connecting flight though I had done a through check-in. The time gap was just 50 minutes. The Mumbai-Delhi flight was delayed and kept taxiing at Delhi airport for 20 fat minutes.
When I contacted ground staff, they politely told me that the said flight had boarded and was ready to take off. She directed me to hurry up and go out to first floor of another building across the road. Gah ! Apparently Jet airways has terminal in another building.

… to mesmerizing mountains.

I had confirmed a window seat for entire journey in Mumbai itself. From Delhi Kishi joined me but we sat separately, so we actually shook hands only at Bagdogra airport. A vehicle was waiting for us but we had to wait for two more people from Chennai, Arun Nair and Shuchi; their flight was delayed by an hour. Lakshmi was coming from Bangalore with another group comprising of Arun Bhat, Sankara, Sneha & Vamsee and their flight was even later.

So, after 3 PM we four started our 5 hour long drive to Gangtok in a Scorpio which took more than 6 hours because of jams at various places. We made a very short halt at Sevok, a small place in West Bengal, to satiate our hungry stomachs. That was the first time I took some photos and videos of our trip.

Men playing Shoh.

Soon after resuming our journey, started my mountainous woes. Me and another girl threw up 3-4 times. Oh, I have a tendency of disgorging the contents of my stomach when I am on curvaceous roads of beautiful mountains. 🙂
Since I had not done this in past few years, I was quite confident that I’d manage this time too. Fortunately, I had a few sickness bags which came handy.
All this while I kept tweeting. Since me and Lakshmi follow each other on Twitter, we knew exactly of our positions and conditions. I didn’t know how many more people were actually interested in my tweets.

How is Sevok?
What did you eat?
Oh no, are you ok? Shall I call you?
Try to sleep.

When I started receiving these messages on my cell phone, I knew my adorable husband V was also checking me on Twitter ! 😀

Royal Demazong

Royal Demazong, Gangtok.

By the time we reached the resort Royal Damazong managed by Club Mahindra, we were tired and hungry (again!). We were welcomed with scarves & fruit juices, luggage tucked in our respective rooms.

The plan for next two days was charted out after dinner.

Contd here….
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  2. A,
    Thank you. Have you read the next part ? It’s better than this one.

    But you still have to see some more views of the resort. I will post them one of these days.

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