Sikkim memories

I have returned from an awesome trip of Sikkim. Fully soaked in misty romance and may I mention here that it was never enough for me?
Early sunrise with sun peeping out of clouds, clouds walking on drenched mountains and soft mist caressing us… what more one could ask for ?

Awesome sights and great company, serious discussions and light hearted banters proved to be the icing on the cake. Hospitality of Club Mahindra’s Royal Demazong gave us all the warmth we needed in those cold mountains.

Here is a photo from this trip. A detailed post will come soon. Right now much of activity is happening on Facebook… do check over there.


View from hotel driveway

15 thoughts on “Sikkim memories

  1. I have fond memories of sikkim My second year of college WE had gone for a trekking camp to sikkim and it was just wow… tiring for me for i hate to walk but it was beautiful
    started from kalimpong to walk and all the way gangtok and all.. i dont even remember the names of the places

    Rumtek monastry toooo 🙂


  2. Nisha, please post more details and more pictures here please. FB is kind of different. If you do post pics on FB, insert the link to picture in the description.

  3. Shrinidhi,
    They are coming in small pieces.

    This was my first visit there but not the last. Walking can be fun if you have good company though I can walk alone too. 🙂

  4. A,
    I can understand your problem. From this trip I have more than 350 photos, obviously not all of them can make to this site. It’s also a pain to resize & watermark all of them.

    Are you not on FB? Sometimes I upload on Picasa too. I’ll try to give link in future.

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