Goa, an experience – I (Prelude)

I have been traveling a lot to a lot of places for professional, personal & not so personal reasons. One of them was Goa and this is my first post on it. I was there on a much needed vacation of nine days.

Why nine days ? Well, we have been looking forward to such long vacation for quite sometime as we always thought a place like Goa can not be experienced in lesser no. of days.
Don’t agree ? Ok, expect a lot here on Goa from places, food, people, culture, sports, transport, tips and tattoos to almost everything and then decide yourselves. Not that I have seen it all, I need to go there quite frequently to know more & more about it. Nice excuse, eh ? 😉

It all depends on what is the purpose of your visit to any place. If it is a place to put just a tick mark to the ‘list of places to visit’ then even two days are more than sufficient. Our purpose was different. We wanted to relax, enjoy, experience and live the place.

Fortunately we could plan to be in Goa in March end. The best time of the year to visit the place is between October and March, when the temperature and humidity is more manageable and gentle offshore wind starts moving in.

Goa, who hasn’t heard of it ? One of the best holiday destinations in the world, an ideal tourist profile. Goa is a small land or an enclave along the western coast of India and is famous for its long stretch of attractive beaches, natural scenic beauty, churches & temples famous for its architecture, feasts and festivals and above all its warm hospitability.

Goa was formally a Portuguese colony till as late as 1961. Now it holds status of a separate state. But one can still see glimpses of Portuguese influence in their day to day lives.

Goa is divided into north and south Goa for the purpose of revenue administration with headquarters at Panaji and Margao respectively. I’ll be talking about both these places in detail.

I will not write here like daily encounters jotted down in a diary but as a collection of similar places or happenings. The tour was a relaxed one, we had kept enough buffer to enjoy it….
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9 thoughts on “Goa, an experience – I (Prelude)

  1. I can quite agree …. a week or so is not enough to do justice to a place like Goa … we were there for about a week, and all we covered were the beaches …. and there was still a lot left to see … the temples, the churches, the spice plantations …

  2. So this is just a “prelude”! Goa must be a a beautiful region! Ash (when she still lived there) gave us a lot of beautiful pictures. Looking forward to what will follow here!

  3. Thanks for dropping by at my blog and the comment.

    Yeah ! truly GOA is a wonderful tourist destination and my next trip will be for sure GOA 🙂 BTW you have taken some cool pics.

  4. Hi Cuckoo,

    Sorry, we lost touch. But its always nice to be back. Well, Goa indeed is a nice place to relax….lie down on th ebeach forever. Have been there twice and enjoyed the most.

  5. Sigma,
    Yess, we did a lot but still so much is left. The beaches take quite a lot of time if one wants to enjoy the waters.

    Yes Peter, Goa has some of the beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

    Welcome here. Thanks for the compliment.
    Keep watching.

    Welcome again. It was my first visit but definitely not the last. 😛
    Keep coming.

    It seems Goa will be never enough for me. 😛
    Keep watching.

  6. I agree with your musing that you can not do goa in 3 nts 4 days packages. Atleast thats not how I want to do. I am bidding my time. I want to live local when I go there.

    So till then your blog is my eyes to this place. And LOVED this sunset pic. Colors are so vibrant.

    tk care ~

  7. BTR,
    Exactly !!! I always wanted to live the place.

    And that sunset picture ?? Go to my photoblog to see a bigger version and some more. 🙂

    I welcome you here. Keep watching, lots to come on Goa.
    Thank you.

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