Goa, an experience – X (Beaches – II)

Continued from Part I.

Agonda beach
It is long and lonely three-kilometer beach of white sand & very white water fringed with palms and dominated by a large hill to the south. You can see the southern part in the picture, beyond which is Palolem beach.
This place is again rocky and dangerous. The waves are very rough and it’s not safe to swim too on this beach. There are plenty of sign boards/flags displaying danger warnings to the people not to venture into water.

Not to mention, there are very few facilities available here and you are needed to carry all the essentials. There are no tourists, no souvenir stalls, no restaurants, nothing. Just the trees, the beach, the big beautiful ocean and you. For real adventure, one should hire a tent and camp for the night, listening to the crashing of the sea waves. I think I’ll do the same on one of my visits. 😀
Reaching to the beach is also very difficult because it falls a bit away from the main road and no local buses ply here. It also gives an element of solitude at the beach. The best way to reach this beach is by a scooter or motors bike.

Palolem beach
One of my favourites !! It is amazing to see that Agonda beach which is very rough and dangerous is next to this one and if you keep walking you’ll reach it. Unlike Agonda, Palolem beach has serene blue water with amazing white sand and is absolutely safe for swimming. We spent more than half a day here, playing in water, walking on the sand and relaxing in the shacks. Left the place well after sunset.

In my opinion, Palolem beach is the best beach in Goa. Often referred to as the “Paradise Beach”, Palolem simply spells magic all the way. In fact, there are very few beaches in India that can measure up to the beauty and allure of Palolem. A place of glorious sunsets and spectacular sunrises, no wonder visitors simply love to zip off to this delightful beach that can captivate anyone for life.

View from our shack, Palolem beach

Palolem is a great draw for tourists looking forward to a relaxed beach holiday in Goa. Many of them take up accommodation at the beach huts and family rooms for a longer stay. This was the only beach where I saw more foreigners than Indians. Not to mention, the food and other stuff was on a higher side of prices. Of course, there were more & better facilities as well.
One can hire taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach Palolem beach from Margao, 40 km away. Also there are regular buses from Margao to Palolem that would drop you at Canacona village.

Next time I am going to stay in one of these. 

Calangute beach
Calangute Beach is only nine miles north from the Goan capital, Panaji and it takes 45 minutes to reach by bus from Panaji bus stand. Calangute was the first beach for hippie hang out during the 60’s and 70’s before they moved to Anjuna beach and It is no longer a hippie beach.

If you remember, we went to this very beach for our aquatic sports. The beach is about four miles long and in spite of so much commercialization; the sand is still very white and clean. Not the water, Ok ? The water is full of weeds and other man made junk, probably because of the no. of crowd here.
A Saturday bazaar near the post office has plenty of good bargains for shoppers. Fish, meat, and grocery are available there if you are on a prolonged stay. There is also a Tibetan market in Calangute. Textiles, pottery, and Kashmiri merchants can be seen selling their carpets walnut furniture. There was no time left for these off-sport activities. Could only manage to buy some T-shirts. So, I have an excuse for visiting this place once again. 😉

Haatho mein haath rahe, tera mera saath rahe

Colva beach
If you are traveling with the Konkan Railways & alight at Madagaon like we did, you’ll find yourself only 6 km away from Colva, the state’s commercial hub. It was here that the second-century statue of Buddha was found. I could not see him anywhere.  😉

Colva beach is Goa’s longest beach. Eighteen Kms bliss of virgin powder fine silvery sand on the Arabian Sea. You can savor a quiet stroll on the silvery sands of the Colva Beach on a moonlit night (like we did) or a sunbath on the golden sands of Colva on a sunny morning. That certainly makes an utterly romantic experience. Romantic or not but we did had a walk. How ? Read on.
Well, Colva is not one of the traditionally known beaches of Goa. But off late, the quiet life of Colva has been disturbed by the number of hotels and buildings near the beach that have come up in quick succession of one another. It has become so much of nuisance that when one night around midnight after trying our luck hard for any type of conveyance, we decided to walk back to Benaulim where we were staying and guess what ?? We lost our way !!

That is when we decided to go back and take the beach route to reach Benaulim.
Undoubtedly, it is a heavenly treat for walks. 😀

Colva mein bhainswa

Benaulim beach
As I have told earlier, we were staying in Benaulim, nearest railway station being Madgaon. The place was just one and half kilometers from the beach and more often than not we saw ourselves on the beach. Early morning, evenings and late nights; whenever we found time from our sightseeing explorations, we went there to relax.

Named as Benaulim by the Portuguese, it lies in the centre of Colva Beach strip, 7-km west of Margao. As this place is a like a large fishing joint, tourists are plenty in number and can be seen trying out various culinary delights of the seafood. Moreover, being generally jellyfish-free, the sea is safe for swimming, while the village area near beach side itself boasts a few serviceable bars and restaurants, serving the most succulent, competitively priced seafood in Goa.
It is one of the most tranquil Goan destinations. The best thing about Benaulim is that it is still rather undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a fishing beach. Though it gets crowded in the evenings and on the weekends, most of the times it is one of the most unperturbed beach destinations in Goa. Also, a foodie’s destination.
Not to mention, we tried each & every restaurant there.

What fire !!

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11 thoughts on “Goa, an experience – X (Beaches – II)

  1. Lovely photos….last one “Fire” -that was really firy :))

    I can imagine you posting all these images and once again reliving the experience…..!

    Tk care ~

  2. Wow! plenty of information about Goa. I am planning to travel to Goa by road in near future. Do you have any idea about Mumbai-Goa road ?

  3. BTR,
    Thank you. You must have seen some of more ‘fire’ pictures on my other blogs. 😀

    These posts are for my reference, so that when I go there next time, I don’t have to ask/look for any information.

    Welcome aboard !! First one query. Are you the same Aditya who writes for Ghumakkar ? 🙂

    Ok. Now your query. How much near is your near future ?
    The roads including NH17 is good to drive on. Start early in the morning. It generally takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to get out of the Mumbai city (depending on your place of stay).
    You have plenty of resting joints in between where you can have your food and freshen up yourselves.

    If you are planning to go during monsoon, the roads in ghat area are challenging ones with serpentine roads but full of waterfalls, greenaries and other natural beauties.
    It would be advisable if there are 2 drivers in the vehicle.

    Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

  4. Hi Cuckoo!
    Sorry for the absence these last weeks, but unfortunately it wasn’t due to some summer holidays… ;))
    Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the MoMA for Art and New York lovers! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week! I’ll try to get back here to enjoy your Goan posts with some more time during the week! They truly deserve!

  5. yes, I am the one 🙂 . Thanks for detailed information.

    I am planning this trip around 10th of August i.e. next month and planning to stay near Panvel.

    Any suggestions for stay ? Any thing else to take care in/around monsoon?

  6. Trotter,
    Yes, I am enjoying & reliving your posts on NY. We all sometimes get out of this blog world and go in real world to come back again, so enjoy your off screen life as well ! 😉

  7. Aditya,
    Welcome again !!
    By staying at Panvel you have just saved yourself of 2 hours drive. It is outside Mumbai and well, what do I say now ? After reading your road reviews I know you would have made yourself familiar with the road map. 😛

    Ever thought of going by train ?

    Places of stay ? Read my latest post on it.

  8. I can almost hear the waves …love Palolem..my favourite as well..next time do go to Karwar..the beaches there are quieter and I prefer them to Goa

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