Goa, an experience – XI (Places of Stay)

A query from Aditya on one of my earlier posts, made me write this one. Mostly I reply to all travel related queries in the comment section itself and/or by mail but this one needed a post.

His question is on suggestions for places to stay in Goa.

Goa is a very friendly (user friendly in my language 😛 ) place to stay for all classes. Plenty of options throughout the year. From five star hotels to a makeshift hut. Depends solely what kind of a vacation you are looking for. But you’ll have to book well in advance if you want to go there during peak season and monsoon is not a peak period for Goa.

Where one should stay depends on one or more of these factors.
1) With whom you are going. Place of stay will differ if you are going with your family and kids. You would not like to experiment with new unknown places. Instead of a remote place, it is always advisable to be in a central place.
2) How long you are planning to stay. If it is a 3-4 days trip, one doesn’t mind paying a good rate for all the comforts and facilities including arranging sight-seeing tours. We stayed for 10 days in one of the best places, that too NOT during lean period and man, we spent a fortune !!
3) What your budget is. Not everyone can afford to stay in a posh five star hotel. Mid-sized hotels are plenty and cheap in Goa, some with lesser facilities (no swimming pool etc.). One can also hire shacks.
If you are looking for better places, even five-star hotels give 50% discount during monsoons.

From expensive .. ..

Luxurious hotels to.. ..

Cheap shacks at Palolem beach ..

4) What kind of a person you are… adventurous trying out new things or preferring a cozy comfortable place.
In case of former, you can rent a shack right on the coast for as little as 500 INR per day during peak season. The rates are very much negotiable. They go down till 50% of normal rates during lean period. It has all the basic facilities like a room to yourself, bath with hot water, TV, basic furniture (bed, table, chair, mosquito net etc.) and room service. Some even have internet connections.
Next time if I have my way, I would love to stay in one of them.
5) What the purpose of your stay is. If your trip is of short duration with an intention to see as much as you can, stay in north Goa. It has most of the five-star hotels.  The mid-sized hotels are plenty and cheap, beaches for water sports and most of the other tourist places are closer by which in turn saves you on conveyance, time and exhaustion. The airport is also nearer.
South Goa is comparatively expensive. We had stayed in Madgaon, a place in south Goa… one of the posh places (as told to us by our local chauffeur) and so the prices were soaring.

I hope this post is able to solve some of the queries.

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10 thoughts on “Goa, an experience – XI (Places of Stay)

  1. Anoop,
    You are welcome, that was the idea. 😀

    Welcome aboard. Yes, if one is not looking for a five star comforts, I think shacks have plenty to offer. One should try them at least once.

    Thanks for your visit, keep coming.

    Welcome aboard. Thank you for liking this blog, keep coming.

    Come over !! You’ll find India amazing. I am preparing you for your visit here.:P

  2. Hi Cuckoo! Finally I found some time to enjoy your excellent blog… But must confess that your page is becoming a whole world to discover. For the time being I’m staying with travel, and I don’t complain… 😉
    50% discount sounds good, but I don’t think I would acept it, if I had to travel there during the monsoon… ;))
    Many thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now with the second and last post on the MoMA! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week and a nice holiday, in case you have the chance to profit from it! ;))

  3. this was a very good account of all kinds of options available… if i ever plan a holiday in goa i’m definitely gonna reread this series 🙂

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