Goa, an experience – XII (Food)

Visitors to Goa tend to think that food and drink in Goa means the famous fish, curry, rice and the feni package I have already written about and I was no different. Not wrong completely as for most Goans these are indeed the three basic food items – fish, curry and rice.
But like the land itself, Goan cuisine boasts of different flavours and tastes such as Konkani, Portuguese and the Bahamani Nawabi traditions of its culinary delicacies. The sea foods are used abundantly in preparing different types of fish, prawns, mussels, oysters, crabs and many more.

Food at Spice Farms served in eco-friendly plates

The basic components of Goan cooking are local products. Every part of coconut (Coconut oil, milk and grated coconut) is used. Toddy, the sap from the coconut palm, is also used to make vinegar and to act as a yeast substitute. The palm jaggery is widely used in preparing Goan sweetmeats like Bebinca and Dodol. I tell you they are just too yummy.

Oh, I am not here to talk about food but to show you some pictures !! 😛  Slurrrpp !

For drinks one can get everything… from branded to local ones. I tried a few mysterious drinks. 😉

The food that you get in shacks on the beaches are fairly cheap.

Note:– These photos were not meant for blogging, they just got clicked. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Goa, an experience – XII (Food)

  1. Anil,
    I had already consumed that ! Didn’t want to show an empty bottle. 😛

    Not too spicy. In Goa you will get food according to your tastes. The place is full of foreigners. 🙂

  2. Kya khoob tasweeren…maza ayya! which is that curry in a small bowl…second last pic? slurrrrrrrrrrrp…mouth watering!!!!

  3. hehee i read bebinca and dodo instead of dodol LOL
    but all of it sure looks yummy, i swear next time i go im gonna pakka take a print of ur goa series in advance… 🙂

  4. Hi Cuckoo! Here I am on my weekly visit! And this week we have a Goan banquet! Have to show it to Sebastiao, my Goan friend who owns a Goan restaurant here in Lisbon. His Bebinca is unbeatable!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter waits for you Deep in Crete!

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