A burning sky

The summer is full on. The earth feels like a baking cake. The heat wave tries to burn us while the hot air blows us away. But we still love watching a burning sky. Don’t we ? 😀

burning sky in Goa @lemonicks.com

Burning sky in Goa.

Don’t you think that the naughty Sun is peeping through the horizon before bidding us bye? 😛

I especially like the parallel lines drawn here … by soil, waves & the sky meeting the ocean at a distance.
You can see some more beautiful skies around the world at Skywatch.

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11 thoughts on “A burning sky

  1. It is like the other side far away burning. Thanks for sharing. And sorry unable to visit your website these days because traveling a lot for last two years and little rest I am taking. Keep traveling, Keep writing. Cheers.

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