Back from Goa

You must be wondering where have I gone missing. 🙂

Well, if you had checked me on Twitter or Facebook, you would have known that I had left for Goa last Saturday early morning and now I am back.

reflection goa

Ford had offered me a car again, this time EcoSport, their SUV model.

I chose Diesel model and I chose the color Mars Red. 🙂
It was a fantastic road trip driving through winding roads of western ghats with a view of scenic landscape, flowing rivers, grazing cattles, and lush green meadows.

Here is a glimpse of some skies of the place and en route.

church goa

dona paula goa

st Mary church goa

on way to goa

on way to goa

Want to see some more images of skies? Head over to Skywatch.

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25 thoughts on “Back from Goa

  1. Every time I visit Goa I feel like settling down there. As you rightly said the country side en route is very inviting. You have provided beautiful photographs to freshen my memories.

  2. How nice that you got to rent a car & drive around Goa! When I visited I was pretty much stuck on the tourist track, but I imagine you can really see the region with a car 🙂

  3. Adam,
    I hadn’t rented it, Ford had offered the car for no charge! I think I’ve become a kind of their brand ambassador. 😀

  4. Very good captures. Where is the photo of the bubbling lake that you mentioned on Twitter?

    looking forward to your stories.

  5. Sangeeta,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Goa is a lovely place to settle down, don’t you know many film stars have already started investing in real estate there? 🙂

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