Happy Holi !

Today is Holi, the festival of colors, the festival of fun & frolic and the festival of celebration of good over bad. The colorful festival bridges the social gap and renew sweet relationships.

On this day I wish you all a happy, colourful, safe and full of travel year ahead. May you travel and enjoy more.

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Colors of Holi

How was my Holi?
Holi is played with dry colors and/or with coloured water. You can see kids and elders running with water guns and balloons. These days the Rain dance is a must. Still I feel it is not as much lively as it is in northern parts of India. And in South India, the fervor is reduced further.

Anyway, in Maharashtra, the state where I live, there is a scarcity of water. Every now & then it comes in the news how badly people in rural Maharashtra are suffering because of lack of water. So, we had decided to play a dry Holi…. only with dry colors (Abeer and Gulal) as they are called in Hindi. 😀

How was your Holi?. 😀

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