I am back from Valley of flowers and more

You must be wondering what I am upto these days!

Well, I am back from my trekking trip to the valley of flowers, Hemkunt Sahib and more. And I tell you, trekking nearly 60 kilometers in all, half of which was uphill is no joke for a city dweller like me !
I also went to Badrinath and walked up to the last tea shop in last village on Indian side before descending to Rishikesh, Dehradun et al.
The time was not perfect for the entire trip as it was raining heavily and we faced a number of landslides on every single leg of our journey which made the job tough. If we faced only 4 landslides on a stretch while going up, the fate had more in store for us while coming down the same stretch.

valley of flowers @lemonicks.com

What colors!

But our main attraction was valley of flowers where flowers bloom only for a few weeks in this season. People called us crazy to trek in this weather to see some stupid unknown flowers!! 🙂 But the visit was well worth the effort.

I leave you with some photos, detailed posts will come soon when I recover fully from fever.

valley of flowers @lemonicks.com

Valley of flowers with snow capped mountains in the background.

peak at hemkunt @lemonicks.com

A mountain peak peeping through clouds on way to Hemkunt Sahib.

hemkunt sahib @lemonicks.com

Serene Hemkunt Sahib

sky @lemonicks.com

Early morning drama in the sky.

badrinath temple @lemonicks.com

Badrinath temple, the most colorful Hindu temple I’ve ever seen!

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  1. Nice Clicks Nisha!! Looking forward to read the complete story and yes, sometimes we do not understand what a traveler think of a place irrespective of the conditions and weather, a traveler travels be it some stupid unknown flowers. But, it is only when you reach the place it appears AHH… the heaven is here 🙂

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