I am off to Kanatal

This year I have been travelling every single month, be it abroad or within India. Last month this day I flew off to Spain on the invitation of Tourism board of Spain and Turkish Airlines. And exactly a month later I am flying again, leave alone the road trips and train journeys that make their way in between.

Tomorrow early morning I am flying for Club Mahindra’s 2nd edition of Conclay to be held at their beautiful resort Kanatal, Uttarakhand.
Off late, I have fallen in love with this state. 🙂

Conclay Kanatal

I am invited to join a select group of people who are associated with Travel in some way or the other, to present, share and discuss our experiences. I know some of these people through their blogs but have never met them in real. It is also time now to complete the puzzle of matching names and faces. 😀

5 thoughts on “I am off to Kanatal

  1. Sabyasachi,
    I am back from Spain a month back. After that a few travels happened. 🙂 Kanatal is the latest place where I was invited to speak on a topic.

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